Kotan Blen

A pacifist in a galaxy at war with itself.



Human Consular
Sage, Armorer, Niman Disciple

A man of slender build with a neatly trimmed beard and shoulder length dark hair, wearing travel worn robes and carrying a green shoto lightsaber hidden on his lower back.

Can seem stoic since he assess every situation before acting, but is compassionate and caring for all sentients. Hates unnecessary bloodshed and mourns any excessive acts of violence that he fails to hinder.


Kotan started his training at the Altisian Enclave on Bespin, but did not get much training before Order 66 changed everything.

His narrow escape from the clone troopers delivered him into the hands of slavers, where he spent his childhood.
His master; Belor Goss was a cruel but refined man and Kotan learned much from him, many of those lessons still torment him to this day. Among them the slave brand on his neck.

In Kotans teenage years a Kel Dor Collecter named Victarion Kelren came looking for a special kind of box that Goss might posess – a holocron detailing the travel of Suljo Warde.
Victarion helped Kotan escape and trained him for some months before leaving him hidden on Alderaan, leaving for the Outer Rim.

After things changed on Alderaan he has been a drifter and adventurer, surviving on his wits and his charm, but avoiding too close entanglements with the empire and too close relationships with others.

Recent events had him travelling all over the galaxy, serching for ancient lore and seeking out old masters to help him and his companions prepare for the hidden darksider influence that is rising – a threat no one but they can see coming.

A paragon in the force and an improving swordsman, Kotan has trained with Suljo Warde in dueling styles and the power of Forsight.
Often the groups medic or mechanic, his training with Nela Kohn has made him a skilled inventor and armorer for the group and he makes sure that his friends have the best protection he can make.
Recent studies of the groups holocrons have led him into the deeper mysteries of the force and into forgotten lightsaber styles.
In the years travelling with the group Kotan has become a form of unofficial leader in their eyes, a role he is slowly growing into. He tries to guide his friends as well as he can, even if many of them are better warriors than him they all respect his advice.

During these times he has become a strong force adept and the moral compass of his group. It has also made him become many things he feels unprepared for.
He doesn’t always feel like he is the best choice for a leader – but tries his best and steps forward, hoping he is heading towards the light. And that his friends are following.

Kotan Blen

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