Kraft og skjebne

We've missed you Nebula

Episode XXV Intersystem shoppingmall

…having just secured the Krayt Dragon in its cage again, half the party went back to get their ship while the rest stayed behind looting the now abandoned smuggler ship. (Onda tried to slice the ship but unfortunately failed)

The party left the planet and went straight into hyperspace to deliver their package. The trip however was not long. Only a couple of moments in hyperspace found them in the the outskirts of the solar system. Waiting around for a bit a large vessel came out of hyperspace and promptly crashed with the Void. The Void, being hardy as it is, managed to survive the crash and dock with the large vessel: Cartol’s Emporium.

The party finds the Emporium to be a derelict vessel with a lot of shady characters. Some in the party feels right at home. They traverse the ship to enter a big disco. Through some friendly and some not so friendly banter they find their contact for dropping of the cargo. While this is happening Onda is getting drunk, Krank is having a mancrush on a friendly Wookie and Vex does his thing. (Shady business). They depart the disco to complete their transaction and unknown to them a figure follows.

As the party are delivering their cargo they are beset upon by lowly scum and an old foe: Nebula. The fight that ensues is fast and bloody, and an insectile character joins the fray, fighting for the party. This character is Jzh, and has been looking for them for a while. He wants to join the party and with some friendly negotiation the party is now 5 again.

Jzh tells of his hunt for Kiados and can tell that shes last been seen on Kashyyk.

During the earlier fight Nebula managed to get away and the party wants to find out where she went. Jzh can help with this. He quickly slices his way into the computer network of the emporium and leads Kotan to her ship. While this is happening Vex is looking after Onda, who fainted during one of his mythical meditations. Krank joins up with Jzh and Kotan. Jzh, Kotan and Krank manage to bypass the bay security of Nebulas ship but fails to bypass its defenses. The calamity that ensues results in her ship being thrown into hyperspace.

Mad with grief over having lost such a fine ship, the party splurges on shopping:

  • Jzh gets some new slicer gear.
  • Vex gets parts for a new arm.
  • Krank get a new body cavity.
  • Onda gets a new part for his lightsaber.
  • Kotan is clearly saving up for something grand.

The Emporium finally leaves hyperspace and the party can depart for their next destination…


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