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Episode XXXVIII: Impending resolution.

Plans and travelling

Onda spent a whole lot of time working on his lightsaber. The crystal he had gotten of Suljo Warde was a good addition to his collection. It seemed it could be well used in combat. Now it only needed to be christened in its first battle.

The proximity alarm went of; It was time to pick up Kotan and Kranky from their last foray into danger. Flying the Last Echo closer to dock with the Velvet Thunder, Onda felt it was good to drive something so big. It gave him a sense of power, of welcoming control. There seemed to be a spot of trouble coming out of the Velvet Thunder, after sending both ships into hyperspace Onda went to meet with the returnees.

His friends had returned with three other sentients, among them an unconcious Nela Kohn and a twilek girl that refused to leave Krankawarroks side.
Krank was a sight; he was covered in cuts and blood, but most disturbing was the deep cut in his face -where his eyes were supposed to be there was only blood and swelling.
Weird, he always seemed to be able to take a proper beating before. Onda thought.

“What happened to you down there?” he asked a disheveled Kotan.
“Things … escalated, they got a bit … out of hand.” he looked tired, his eyes were ringed and sunken.

Krank and Nela Kohn was wisked away by the onboard medic: Martail.

Later when she was awake, Nela Kohn and the other surviving Gensu’Dai; Kaitai Norma, got into contact with others of their kind and a meeting was set up in a remote part of space.

“I will not bore you with long speeches, " Nela Kohn said, before she bored them with a long speech about how they had survived the storm and gotten stronger or something.
Onda stopped listening to her drivel after a while and scanned the assembled faces in the Last Echo’s Dojo, almost fifty new bodies had joined the Gensu’Dai, The Last Echo had it’s crew now. More meat for the grinder.. Onde mused.

Having decided upon tracking Jessek and going after him, Onda and Kotan delved out into the galaxy in search of him. Using meditation techniqes they combined their forces and sent their minds out. This time Kotan let Onda take the lead, but it seemed like the universe itself was resisting his strength. This hurts! I need to be more assertive with my force use. The experience was not comfortable for Onda, but they prevailed. They found the system Jessek was currently in: a remote part of space near the Gree-system.
Now they just needed to get there.

The system was far off and needing speed to get there; they opted for the Velvet Thunder, Aach and Kotan had finally managed to get the enviromental controls to work.

Before leaving they made a plan with the Gensu’Dai and Isini: the Last Echo would travel through the outer rim to avoid the empire, while the Velvet Thunder would cut through the the core worlds and use the Hydian Way to arrive at their destination.

A mere two weeks journey got them to Cato Neimoidia, and a terse meeting with Onrein Hasar. She facilitated the refueling of their ship and got Krank a backstreet surgeon, he was tired of not seeing.
He spent an inordinate amount of time installing the new eyes, and there was something not right with the rest of him. Onda decided to keep an eye on him and to press him on it later.
As they left Onrein Hasar made sure they understood thet she was now done with them, and if they ever returned she would not treat them as friends.
Onda just smiled at the challenge.

Travelling onward to the final destination the ship was suddenly pulled out of hyperspace, and bombarded with ion weapons.

All systems failed, the ship was spinning uncontrollably.

Darkness claimed them.


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