Velvet Thunder

On Nar shaddaa Onda and Joe stole this yacht.
The previous owner must have been an amphibious species, as the enviromental controls were set for crazy high humidity … and there is a pool. After much tinkering byKotan and Aach the levels are now set for normal species, much to Kranks relief – he was tired of walking around with a perm.

Compared to other vessels owned and previously owned by the group it is more fragile, less armored, and has veritable no firepower. But it’s fast and customs agents have a tendency to ignore it, assuming it is owned by someone rich or important.

Has served as a replacement for the Void of Integrity, which has been missing since the events at Pybus and was used in the rescue of Nela Kohn from the Inquisitors on Rusaan.

Last seen heading from Cato Neimidia towards Gree space.

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Velvet Thunder

Kraft og skjebne GMLovlie jonasfalsen