The Last Echo


The group first came across this CR90 corvette floating in dead space near Suarbi 7 while searching for Nela Kohn. Their experiences with the rakghul plaged victims onboard almost ended them before their timely rescue.

After the events in hutt space and Kiados bombing of spintir, Suljo Warde, the holcrons containing the gatekeepers of spintir, Do Nio and his Isini cult with the help of Aach and Sun’saith have made the Last Echo their new base.

After the events on Ruusan Nela Kohn and the Gensu’Dai have joined as well.

The Last Echo has two functioning laser battery cannons, a medbay, a large dojo/meditation room that also doubles as mission briefing room and command center. Many of the compartments and parts of the ship have yet to be fully restored.
It is slowly becoming the flagship and base for the Isini/Gensu’dai alliance, who are sworn to assist our heroes in their mission to oppose Kiados.

It’s currently travelling through the outer rim and Hutt space, it’s course is for a remote part of space in Veragi Sector next to the Gree Enclave wher it will rendevouz with our heroes.

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The Last Echo

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