The ancient city of Noyama is now mainly in ruin, but strangely not overgrown by the jungle. The city lies in the middle of the jungle about 3-4 days march from the slopes of Mount Tellec. Coming from the Dawn Temple you have to cross the mountain and descend into the jungle on the other side.

The city’s original inhabitants have left nothing behind but their houses and a large ziggurat marking the centre of the city. Today the city is inhabited by a the Veloni, medium sized primates living in tribes in this area. Whether the Veloni are descendants of the original inhabitants or native to Spintir is unknown.


When the heroes visited this city they befriended the Veloni and descended deep inside the ziggurat, where they discovered a sarcophagus that proved to be a stasis chamber. A tall, faceless and armour clad being named Sun’saith emerged from the chamber.

Impressed with the resourcefulness of these beings, Sun’saith revealed a Kyber crystal cave underneath his chamber, allowing the heroes to find and attune to a Kyber crystal.

He then sent them on a mission to Mount Oirus. The mission failed, but whether this was by Sun’saith’s design or not, remains unclear.

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