Mount Oirus

A large volcano located far to the north of Mount Tellec. On a straight line between the two mountains Noyama lies almost exactly half way between the two. The volcano has been dormant for centuries, but recent events has rekindled the volcano and there’s now a steady stream of smoke, steam and ashes rising from it. This can be seen as far away as Mount Tellec and on clear days even inhabitants of Reles can see the smoke and ash on the horizon.


The heroes arrived at Mount Oirus at the behest of Sun’saith to prevent the imprisoned cage to be released and in turn release a great evil on the galaxy. Fighting their way through tainted and corrupted creatures, the heroes arrived in a completely destroyed control room, witnessing the cage rising out of the lava. With not controls working to return the cage to the lava, the heroes attempted a manual approach. The Force was not with them, the being inside, now known to them as Kiados, managed to escape the volcano prison.

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Mount Oirus

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