The city of Ordon was a city still holding on to the traditions of the Mandalorians of years past. It’s strategic and economical value was limited, which resulted in negligible imperial presence. The city’s pride was Ordo Museum, a sizeable collection of artefacts and remnants of Mandalorian history.
Among the cities citizens were an armourer named Sela Shodon and the weapon smith Ron.

The crew of the Void of Integrity visited Ordon in search for the Jedi armourer Nela Kohn.


The moon Concordia orbited Mandalore. A part of moon was covered by a vast network of mines and support structure long since abandoned. These treacherous tunnels and caverns were perilous and dangerous to explore, but stories and rumours told of hidden treasures and riches.

The crew of the Void of Integrity visited Concordia after the mysterious Golok told them of something hidden in the mines that they would need.

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