An assumed Sith apprentice from another time.


Medium height, dressed in form-fitted high-tech armour and wielding crimson lightsabers, this dark side force user is immensely powerful.

She takes few opponents seriously and can easily dispatch a number of foes in very short time.


Little is known of her background except that she at one point was trained by Sith and a mysterious being called Kath’ritt. She spent millennia imprisoned on Spintir in the volcano Mount Oirus, her stasis-cage submerged in lava.

She was inadvertently released by a group of adventurers searching through the temple in Noyama. Their efforts to keep her imprisoned failed. Lately she’s been acting more overtly, having a run-in with some rebels, wiping out a whole spec force team, a member of which was trained as a Jedi. Recently she supposedly attacked an imperial installation on Kashyyk and sent forces to explore areas of Hutt space…

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