Originally created as a decoy cult, the Isini cult has never followed one ideal alone. Through time it has existed the cult’s leader at any time used the cult as a decoy, to follow his or her own motivation by using the Isini cult as a scapegoat or band of Force-sensitive operatives to achieve his goals by diverting attention away from his or her actual motives.

As such there are not many long term members, as they are often hunted down by law enforcement or the Empire, or the members leave when they realise they have been used. That whatever ideal or set of ideals they thought they followed were all just lies produced to incite them into action.

Still, there are still a few members that have been with the cult a while. In fact when the Isini kidnapped Crymon at orders of Sun’saith, their current leader, Do Nio was the first leader to be chosen among the cult’s existing members.

Therefore the Isini relocated to Tralus and the dead hive of the previous leader of the Isini. A fitting place to redeem themselves and seek meaning in it all.

After the death of Crymon the cult has left Tralus and are now operating out from the Last Echo.

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