Foundation and history

Founded during the Clone Wars by Nela Kohn and a few other Jedi of similar disposition, the Gensu-dai went into exile for decade, leaving the Order, the Republic and the war behind. While in exile they meditated on the Force and produced a new set of tenets for their order, loosely based on the Jedi Order, but also drawing on knowledge of other and older ways of the Force.

When they emerged from their exile, they chose the Suarbi system as their area of operations. One of the reasons for this was the minimal Imperial activity in the area, but also because it was a system bereft with crime and corruption.

To put it simply the Gensu-dai is a band of vigilantes upholding law and order in the Suarbi system. Their ideals are similar to that of the Jedi, which isn’t a surprise as their leader and founder was a Jedi.

She and her former Jedi colleagues have taught a new generation in the ways of the Force, but focusing on staying hidden and combat effectiveness. There is little time for philosophy, but meditation techniques and reflections on the choices they make is central to mission briefings and preparations.

Focusing on righting wrongs, the Gensu-dai also realised their limitations due to their size and the existence of the Empire. This fit with their belief that one order, one way, could not lead or help the entire galaxy as one. The need for locality was where both the Republic and the Jedi Order came up short, where the corruption of both the Order and the Republic became apparent. The Gensu-dai will therefore rarely chase anyone outside the Suarbi system. That is their domain and they mean to keep it peaceful and in the hands of the people of the Suarbi system.

After their leader and several of the older knights were captured by the Empire, the organization went into hiding and the surviving members spread out in the outer rim where they continued their work while training new recruits to carry on the mantle.

Now the group has been reunited with their founder and mentor aboard the Last Echo and allied themselves with the Isini and our Heroes.

Lightsabers, armour and organisation

The Gensu-dai is a paramilitary organisation made almost entirely up of Force-sensitives. What few members are not Force-sensitive are highly trained and capable individuals.

The organisation is small, numbering less than one hundred.

To hone their discipline the Gensu-dai focus not only on fighting, stealth and surveillance, but also on creation. All Gensu-dai is covered in self-made armour, more often than not inspired by animals and creatures from all over the galaxy. These always have full helmets, covering their faces completely, as their identity is their most precious possession. No armour is alike.

Gensu-dai also create and use identical lightsabers. While Nela and some of the other former Jedi have personalised lightsabers, the Gensu-dai see the lightsaber more as a tool, whereas their armour is what ultimately protects them when all else fail. The armour is a symbol to create fear in criminals, and to express individuality in a group of faceless warriors.

Nela Kohn leads the Gensu-dai as a general, but has formed a council made up of the most resourceful and competent of her operatives. There are few ranks and little formal hierarchy.

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