Kraft og skjebne

Moraband Malice
Episode XXIII

Our heroes, having left behind the submersed Jedi Archive head back to their home base at Spintir, to rest and refit. Being as battered and bruised as this lot, they really should take more time off.

Krankawarrok is reunited with his pet vornskr, Jebediah and heads off immediately into the wilds to attempt to attune with the crystal he picked up at Cato Neimoidia. Doing so successfully he feels a inner peace, a focus of peace with the force. This was what the Force wanted.
Oh, and Jebediah is a good boy! Yes he is.

Onda does some stuff, being spotted skulking about the forest and returning to base with wounds a fair bit above “scratches” on the scale. This bladespinning whirlwind of death is up to something. Probably not a cunning plan. The crew feels rather safe.

Kotan spends most of his time improving the new shield generator on the Void of Integrity and with whatever scrap metal left he throws some spikes together and welds them to his wookiee friends armour. Just what was needed. A massive, excessively scarred wookiee, with spiky death armour. Brilliant plan Kotan. Brilliant.

Bidding their friends Vex and Aahch who has elected to stay on Spintiir, farewell as they head off to do what they feel the Force or wallet, requires. Kranky, Kotan and Onda return to the search for the lost Jedi; Suljo Warde.

Arriving at planet Moraband, a craggy dry planet our band of heroes find themselves taken back by the sheer Force of the place. A nexus of the Dark Side as they have never encountered before or are likely to again. Doing some orbits of the planet they are guided by the visions of Kotan and Onda to a steppe location where the aerial scans also find a half-buried starfighter of unknown make. Of course, they land.

As the ecologically friendly member Kranky, attempts to dig out the ship and preserve the otherwise pristine environment, another freighter flies overhead and lands. Out steps the information broker from Cato Neimoidia, Onrein Hasar. She is not happy that the party chose to withhold the information she sought and so followed them. With her is a band of her minions and an intimidating MagnaGuard droid. So caught up in her need for vengeance is Onrein that she does not follow the heartfelt advice from Kotan that those without the force should turn back.

Our dashing adventurers continue upon the path set ahead. Through wind and weather they are set upon by Force Beasts, striking from the sand, returning to it when struck themselves. Visions of those in their past, those left behind, those who are dead. Onreins band dwindling throughout this until they attempt to fight the wrong people. Kotan sees this coming and raises his sabre to Onreins throat and attempts to make peace out of the madness. Meanwhile, the MagnaGuard fights Onda, whilst Kranky makes short work of the remaining goons.

When the dust has settled, Onrein is the only one left of her party. Her madness taking over, she flees unto the steppes, much to Kotans dismay. Choosing the foolhardy option of continuing this quest, more miles are covered. Then an old man appears on the road.

He refuses any questions as to who he is, but he does mention Warde when asked. How he arrived in a bad way, and that he would lead them to him. Following him to a ruined city, into a pyramid and up to the very top level of this temple he reveals himself to be the missing Jedi.

Seemingly a Jedi no longer, he has foreseen his death. He knows it will happen, now, the day he has waited for for so long has come.
“I have forseen this! you will be the death of me!” he screams and strikes quickly at Kranky, throwing his lightsaber at the furred one and inflicts a lot of damage. The wookiee still stands.
Fighting back they are unable to harm the Master of the Future and he once more attacks the scarred wookiee and is still unable to take him down, though coming close.

Kranky lashes out in desperation and hits, Suljo is oddly enough unprepared for this strike, and is hit. Unprepared for the ferocity of the blows he is staggered for just long enough to be beaten into unconsciousness by Onda.

The decision is made to not kill him. The group tend to his wounds and gently restrain him until he wakes up so they can question him.
As he wakes up Kotan tells him: “You were wrong, Warde: the future CAN be changed.”
Warde knows little but what he thought would be his death. His state of being alive leads him to question all he knows about the future.
The first one to extend a hand in friendship is oddly enough Kranky, whom suggests an offer of sanctuary at the temple at Spintir …
Kotan hands him the crystal from Gel Markolfs lightsaber and tells him to start again, the first step is to build a new lightsaber. Warde recognizes the crystal and is told the dark fate of his apprentice. Warde accepts the offer, his abilities might yet find some use in the fight against the Greater Foe.

Returning to their vessel, a decision is made to find and attempt to heal Onrein. Warde volunteers for this as he is responsible.
Leaving Moraband, they grab Onreins ship and the starfighter.
Onrein and Warde are brought to Spintir and the Dawn Temple, maybe with time they can heal each other.

Kotan once more dreams of an Academy for Force Sensitives amongst the stars, he now has a Jedi Master. A step to the resurgence of Jedi as peacekeepers in the Galaxy once more, or maybe something new?

It is an exciting time to be alive in the galaxy.

Sandy Dunes
Episode XXIV

As retold by Vex:

At the Home base, Spintir; the group discussed over a good breakfast how to go from where they stood.

When Ack and Vex suddenly arrived,Ack stormed off to meditate, but Vex got intrigued by visitors/patients, especially Ward whom he had started understanding bits of his “work”

Quickly Onda remembered he booked a meeting with Heavy Gan and the ferocious four went off!
Heavy had work, and credits where low.
Off to Tatooine they should go to intercept a package!
Pays well in credits and favors soo the group agreed!

Informed on the way that an imperial officer was searching for them,vthey went

Scuttles off in haste to space!
But wait! What’s this?
Hailed by the Star destroyer: Galvenizer
To be boarded they said while they towed the ship in!
No contraband to be found in the Void.
But elusive answers and shifty eyes as Vex andKotan lied a way out of the scary ship!

Only to be chased again!
Two tie-fighters got on the tail before hyperspace could be activated!
Kranky refused to shoot! He had a cunning plan!
Oonda made a slingshot manuvre against the planets gravity pull! Lost the Destroyer but alas The Void got a sundering blow, straight in the engine! The ship got filled with smoke…

Times where grim.. But then! Vex smashed the hyperdrive button just as it flipped on! Zwoomsch!

They arrived at Tatooine, space junk flying around them as they landed, hull damage and a slow engine!
But the mission must be done!

The ferocious four split up in two’s. The Dubious Duo(Onda and Vex) and the Double K’s (Kranky and Kotan)
The dubious took a silent approach and Vexnwas nearly spotted, but his blurred field worked wonders for him in the sand.
Kranky was stealthy as ever in his natural guilly suit. Kotan however got spotted just as the dubious got started with the slaughter on their side(they fired first! I promise!)

Kranky came down in his usual manner! Kotan flew the big ass parcell to him! But the nice robed foe, he had a thermal detonator! And blew both Kotan and Kranky half to death and well out of play!
The swirling sands of Onda and Vex whiped out the rest and Onda got the K’s back up…
Just to see the crate contained a Krayt Dragon!
Kotan quick to action quelled the beast with his eyes alone!

The group gathered up and prepared for travel to the drop-off!

As told in the history books:

Returning from Moraband with Suljo Warde and Onrein Hasar, plus two new starships, the heroes head straight to the Dawn Temple on Spintir, Hasar and Warde are both in need of healing, both spiritual and physical.

The morning after over breakfast, our heroes discuss where to go from here, how to get to Kiados and Sun’saith, what to do about Hasar and Warde.

Then Aahch and Vex suddenly arrive from weeks of walking through the forest and over the mountain, Aahch doesn’t join the others, but decides to go meditate, Vex is however intrigued by the visitors (patients.) In particular Ward, as Vex has been working on understanding the power Warde developed.

Onda then informs his comrades about a meeting they are to have with Heavy Gan, and the ferocious four are off!

The meet Heavy Gan in one of his warehouses in Reles. He’s interested in their new ships and … allies? He also reports that Roy’s Fantastical Tasty Jooma Juice Brewery and Distribution Company Inc is starting to turn a profit, and he has some more work for them, if they want to reduce their debt. They accept. Off to Tatooine they go to intercept a package! (Vex assumes it pays well in credits and favours, so the group agrees.)

Leaving Reles they are intercepted by the Galvinizer. Being told to be prepared to be boarded, they are tractor beamed in and put down in its hangar bay. Here they meet a customs officer, some stormtroopers and a scanning crew (no contraband was found on the Void.) He questions them thoroughly, but the combined effect of Vex’s elusive answers, shifty eyes and Kotan’s creativity proves too powerful, as they blatantly lie and fabricate one story after another (one more far fetched than the other,) trying to avoid telling the truth, avoid admitting they are indeed the sentients the mysterious Imperial agent is looking for. So now they know, an imperial officer or agent is looking for them. Also here, near their home base.

Kotan does his thing, being very persuasive, he waves his hand and informs the customs inspector that they do not in fact have to wait for further instructions or inspection, instead they are actually allowed to leave now: “you just told us.” The inspector agrees, The stormtroopers don’t protest..

They hastily scuttle off into space!

They did however not count on the captain of the ship having his own ideas. They are told to power down, or be fired upon. The chase begins! Still within the gravity well of Spintir they can’t enter hyperspace, a Gladiator-class stardestroyer behind them and incoming TIEs. Onda speeds away, but not before the imps fire upon them, the ship shudders, one engine fails and the Void is filled with smoke. Kranky refuses to fire upon the incoming TIEs (cunning plan in the works) and Onda pulls off a daring slingshot manoeuvre that takes them quickly around the planet and away from the imps, as soon as they’re out of the gravity well Vex hits the controls and activates the hyperdrive. Zwoomsch!

They arrive at Tatooine, setting course straight for the coordinates provided by Heavy Gan, as they land pieces of space junk fly around them, the damaged hull groans and the slow engines whine! But the mission must be completed!

Landing in a canyon about a kilometre from the coordinates, the ferocious four split up in teams of two. The Dubious Duo (Onda and Vex) and the Double K’s (Kranky and Kotan). The dubious circle around, taking a silent approach and Vex is almost spotted, but his blurred field worked wonders for him in the sand. Kranky is as stealthy as ever in his natural ghillie suit. Kotan however is spotted just as the dubious duo started the slaughter on their side (self-defence of course! They fired first! I promise!)

Kranky rushes into the situation in his usual manner! Kotan levitates the big ass parcel and moves it away from the miscreants and ne’er-do-wells, however the individual leading the transaction has plans of his own, spelled: thermal detonator! A loud and powerful explosion later and both Kotan and Kranky are half dead and well out of play!

The swirling sand devils that are Onda and Vex wipes out the rest of the scum and ne’er-do-wells, Onda provides medical aid and resuscitates the K-Team.

Kotan wakes up just in time to see the crate contains a Krayt dragon! A Kray dragon now emerging from the damaged cage. Quick to action (as always?) Kotan quells the beast with his eyes alone! (Actually with the power of his mind, but that’s neither here nor there.)

The group return to the Void and prepares for travel to the drop-off!

We've missed you Nebula
Episode XXV Intersystem shoppingmall

…having just secured the Krayt Dragon in its cage again, half the party went back to get their ship while the rest stayed behind looting the now abandoned smuggler ship. (Onda tried to slice the ship but unfortunately failed)

The party left the planet and went straight into hyperspace to deliver their package. The trip however was not long. Only a couple of moments in hyperspace found them in the the outskirts of the solar system. Waiting around for a bit a large vessel came out of hyperspace and promptly crashed with the Void. The Void, being hardy as it is, managed to survive the crash and dock with the large vessel: Cartol’s Emporium.

The party finds the Emporium to be a derelict vessel with a lot of shady characters. Some in the party feels right at home. They traverse the ship to enter a big disco. Through some friendly and some not so friendly banter they find their contact for dropping of the cargo. While this is happening Onda is getting drunk, Krank is having a mancrush on a friendly Wookie and Vex does his thing. (Shady business). They depart the disco to complete their transaction and unknown to them a figure follows.

As the party are delivering their cargo they are beset upon by lowly scum and an old foe: Nebula. The fight that ensues is fast and bloody, and an insectile character joins the fray, fighting for the party. This character is Jzh, and has been looking for them for a while. He wants to join the party and with some friendly negotiation the party is now 5 again.

Jzh tells of his hunt for Kiados and can tell that shes last been seen on Kashyyk.

During the earlier fight Nebula managed to get away and the party wants to find out where she went. Jzh can help with this. He quickly slices his way into the computer network of the emporium and leads Kotan to her ship. While this is happening Vex is looking after Onda, who fainted during one of his mythical meditations. Krank joins up with Jzh and Kotan. Jzh, Kotan and Krank manage to bypass the bay security of Nebulas ship but fails to bypass its defenses. The calamity that ensues results in her ship being thrown into hyperspace.

Mad with grief over having lost such a fine ship, the party splurges on shopping:

  • Jzh gets some new slicer gear.
  • Vex gets parts for a new arm.
  • Krank get a new body cavity.
  • Onda gets a new part for his lightsaber.
  • Kotan is clearly saving up for something grand.

The Emporium finally leaves hyperspace and the party can depart for their next destination…

Leaving the Void, Entering the Dark
Episode XXVI

The hull of The Void of Integrity hummed gently, it’s deck vibrating with the sounds of hyperspace and it’s bulkheads echoing with the sounds of sentients breathing and moving.

“hand me the …” Joe stopped speaking, as the connecter he was about to request was already in his hand, puzzled he gave his new companion a quick glance before slotting it in it’s port and going back to the calibrations of the microservos on module G. Metallic fingers moved and flexed like arachnoid legs as the program ran the diagnostic – there seemd to be an anomaly in the secondary thumb, a misalignment on the first joint.

The one called K’than was digging into the guts of the small machine, and adding a set of secondary servos to some of the joints.
Before Joe could open his insectide mouth, K’than was holding up a macrospanner, his left hand still working on their project, eyes unblinking and lost somwhere inside his plan.
Joe accepted the tool and went about tightening joints based on his readings.
This was a different side of his friend, so lost in his work that he stopped pretending to be nice or kind, so lost in his thoughts that he barely saw other sentients.
Joe was wondering if he looked into K’thans eyes right now, what would he see? a gridwork of techincal workplans? circuits and binary? or just the vast void of space? At least he wasn’t asking questions anymore.

Since Joe had arrived, the crew of “The Void of Integrity” had been digging, some more overt than others, the one called V’x was the most direct. And K’than the most successful.

Joe didn’t understand how, but he really Wanted to tell K’than things, more than others. Thankfully, K’than wasn’t pushing it yet, but Joe feared that if he wanted to, he could tear secrets from him like a child tearing the wings from a insect …
Well, the mechanic next to him could maybe, but the man he was the rest of the time would never do something like that.

There was a gentle change in the humming of the ship and Joe snapped out of his thoughts “do you feel that?”
They’d dropped out of hyperspace, that meant it was time to prepare to disengage from Cartol’s Emporium and plot a course for Kashyyyk.

This was Beautiful.
Krankawarrok was in the turret, beneath him was his homeplanet: Mighty and Tempremental Kashyyyk – with it’s titanic trees, roaring rivers, and demanding mountains.
This was a world that tested you and either broke you, or made you better – stronger faster … wilder.
Even though he was sitting, Krank could feel his blood rushing faster, like his body knew he was almost home.
Home, he wondered if that word meant anything anymore for him, this wonderful world – was it home? after all the pain, loss and blood, could he manage to smile when standing on the ground where his people still was being oppressed?
He would find out when they landed.
If they landed.

Above Kashyyyk a battle was being fought: the empire -as always, against some other foe.
He wasn’t sure whom, but the ships sure were ugly.
Lasercannons were lighting up the space around them, explosions of smaller craft were sprinkled around them, these large ships were moving like slow watercreatures, lashing out at each other in a massive struggle.
Every second he was watching this a sentient life was being snuffed out, the glittering from debris highlighting every death, the lines of lasers and protonblasts pointing them out.

This enormous display of disregard for life was framed in flames for him, his ship was entering the atmosphere with no engines and no control.
The bulkheads around him were glowing orange, the glass in the turret was showing small spiderweb cracks snaking around him like death closing in.
As the violent shaking of the ship threatened to throw him from his seat, through the glass, and into space he wondered: was Onda going to make this landing? this sure as hell didn’t feel like he was in control …

I might actually die here, he thought.
Far from battle, without a weapon in his hand, the thing that finally killed him might be simple bad luck and the force of gravity.
How pointless, how honorless.
But if he was going to die here …
The view sure was beautiful, there was at least that,.
And at least his funeral would be seen and heard for miles, a comet with his name would be his burialmarker, a crater his grave.

Here lies Krankawarrok, he came home to die.
Fuck he hoped Onda would make this landing.

The Void of Integrity was quiet.
Quiter than it’s ever been, Kotan thought.
The only sounds were the sounds of the tree they had crashed into, leaves on the wind and the forest around them.
But the ship was silent, it’s engines bust, it’s shields gone, both powergenrators and hyperdrives dead. It was the end.

They’d lived here for how long? some months, a year? So many conversations were buried in the walls, so much of their sweat and blood had seeped into the metal. Every inch of the craft had been touched by them at some point.

He was done packing, there wasn’t much to pack anyways, only the necessities.
Now he was saying goodbye.

“You ready?” Onda emerged from his room, he walked stiffly, his eyes were ringed in dark circles – his visons always tired him.
“…I think so, I just….” Kotan had difficulties putting his thoughts into words, that was a first.
Onda stared at him “… Yeah, I know – me too” he put a hand on Kotans shoulder, a gesture of familiarity and friendship. It felt awkward and forced.

Something had changed between Kotan and Onda, but they were still trying to pretend everything was as before.
Kotan looked at his friend, had his eyes always been so sunken, had he always had that vague tint of yellow in the outer iris?
The moment stretched untill it became unbearable, where there had before been banter and reasurrances between comrades, only silence reigned.

Ondas hand dropped slowly “anyways, we should get moving. You and Joe got something from the sensors?”
Kotan looked away, “yes, there are some promising powersources to the east. Vex and Krankawarrok has already left”.
“We should catch up with them then.”

Onda landed on his back, dirt billowed up around him.
His chest stung from the impact of claws.
Another of these catlike creature swiped at him, he rolled to the left and swung his saber between keeping the beasts at bay, his mouth tasted dust and blood.

He felt it in his veins now, the rush of violence, the promise of supremacy and mastery.
How dared they? he was the best swordsman in the galaxy – and these vermin had him tasting dirt!
He grabbed the rage and made it his, drew it into him, conquered it and made himself into it.
The world slowed down, the music started again.

He flipped himself up, noticing that Krankys blade was digging into one of his attacker, he dispatched the other one with a nonchalant swipe: shoulder to hip.
Following his own momentum he stepped on the head of the dying cat and launched himself, his shoulder touched Krankys and he rolled over him, using him as a springboard.
In the distance he noticed Kotan shooting down another of these things, Joe was in front of him and blinking in suprise as his attacker fell to his feet.

But Onda was in the air, double grip on his saber, moments before touching down he started his kata: two parallel sweeps followed by a finishing cleave.

- left -right, twirl – and swipe.

Blood hit everything but him, limbs were flipping lazily in the air, his opponent was not only dead, but dismembered, demolished, defeated.

It felt good to be king.

“See this?” a coin wagged back and forth in the insectoids left appendage, a flick of fingers and it was gone. The left appendage showed a coin at the same time. “now it’s here”

The wookie … child? pup? grub? -what was the correct term for offspring in their culure? looked at the trick with a mixture of amazement and intense focus, trying to figure it out.

Joe continued, left hand flickering forth, behind the … Youngling, he would refer to it as youngling for now at least – Ear, or at least were many creatures had auditory sensory organs, these sentients had a bit too much fur for him to be sure, but the trick demanded it so he went with it.

“but what is this?” he fished out a coin, technically the same coin that had dissapeared before, but to his audience it was a new coin.

Behind Joe, the others were discussing with the elderes of the wookie ... tribe? community? group? Well, K’ran’kaw’arr’ok _ was that the pronunciation? these people had so weird names …_ -was discussing, the one called V’x was standing a bit behind keeping an eyes on … well everything, paranoid that one, which was a practical trait.

And K’than, who obiously didn’t speak very well Shyriiwook, was embarrassing himself. He was intterupted by the green one, ’Nda, who shouted at him.
Should he get involved? -no, they would probably manage to secure resting arrangments without him.

Back to the trick, this part was more difficult. “Now look at the coin …” The wookie youngling stared intently, Joe allowed himself a smile.

In the distance the Imperial compound was glittering with lights, walkers were patrolling lazily aound it’s perimeters, Tie fighters swept over it in rutine patrol patterns.
Vex adjusted the mangification and studied the transports: wookie slaves being moved offworld.

He handed the magnoculars to Kotan and wrinkled his forehead ridges in disgust and worry “at least one large walker, several smaller ones, Tie fighters, not to mention the rest of the troops, turrets and who knows what else …we sure this is where we should go to find Kiados? what if you’re wrong?” he directed the last comment to his green companion.

Onda answered “Joe’s intelligence led us to this world, I led us here, I’m not wrong – I’m never wrong”

Krankawarrok made some of his sounds, Vex looked in his direction.
“you’re right Krankawarrok” Kotan said " we’re too far away to accomplish anything now, we’ll rest here – then infiltrate tomorrow night"
The wookie made some other noises and looked up to the sky.

Onda rolled his eyes “sure, lets set up camp, tomorrow night we enter the base.”

The Furious Five's Furry Foray.
Episode XXVII

It takes a special kind of crazy to walk towards an imperial outpost in a hostile setting. It is even worse to do so after a crashing your ship during the course of a battle; Imperial Fleet vs Unknown elements.

Of course the ships crash site was roughly plotted. Of course the Imperials are scouting in the general area. Of course the group hatches a crazy plan on the fly to infiltrate the base. Of course it was a cunning plan. Of course Vex got lost in the forest.

Fighting a squad of scouts, and taking their uniforms
Finding a four-man patrol of scout-troopers ,dismounted from their bikes,and quickly dispatching them. The plan seemed set for success. Until the scouts were called up by command, who then sent out a group to check on them. Kotan and Onda quickly(shoddily) dressed up as two of the troopers. Then tying up Kranky and Joe so they would seem as recent prisoners. When the reinforcing Imperials arrived they were not surprised that two had seemingly fallen. Nor did they seem sad. Its not as though there is a stormtrooper factory somewhere, right?

The plan then turned to shambles. The other group volunteered to take the “prisoners” back to base, whilst Kotan and Onda continued the patrol route. They did so, having a lark on the speeder-bikes.

Joe and Krank were taken to the base. Might have been an idea to scout the base before committing to an infiltration. But such was their dedication they had not. The base was surrounded by high walls, with the foliage up to the walls cleared away. Inside it was a hive of activity beyond reason. An AT-AT by the gate, several AT-STs and stormtroopers.

Joe and Krank were quickly taken to the prison facilities and thrown into cells hewn from the ground. Their effects taken elsewhere for storage. Krank has a cybernetic cavity. Inside of which was his lightsaber. Clever move Krank. Kotan and Onda finished the patrol and rode towards the base. Entering the base they flew next to the AT-AT it seemed as though it was heading out on a patrol. After some faffing about they found the prisoner holding facilities and went in.

Breaking out the Wookie prisoners
Having quickly and silently liberated the facilities and freed their comrades, they discovered a large number of wookiee prisoners. Score. Krankys mother, through some miracle of the Force was among them and called out to him. His father was there as well in a bad shape. The family he had left behind some while ago was here. Except for his sister Kuvana. Recently taken to the Imperial Medical Facility on the base.

Distributing the available gear to the prisoners they prepared to make a run for it. The AT-AT had left on its patrol. The odd thing was the one building into which far too much traffic was entering and exiting. Troublesome.

The decision to prepare some more for the break-out was made, Kotan and Onda headed towards the trooper barracks to look for Joe and Kranks equipment. Krank spent his time preparing his people. Joe spent the time hacking the base, sealing it off from the planetary network, any alarms would now go unheeded. The one building with too much traffic? Connected to the underground transport network. Each base is easily reinforced by infantry.

Whilst Onda and Kotan headed towards the barracks, Vex had finally found his way to the base. And made some friends on the way, rather furry furious friends. Cutting down the wroshyyr trees to make makeshift siege ladders, his wookiee company stormed across the walls.

The Battle of East Base:

Krankawarrok: Gave some quick orders to the fleeing slaves before he left the battle, his family needed him. He entered the underground compound, set on finding his sister.

Jzh: The master hacker quickly disabled the alarms and cut the base of from the other bases on Kashyyyk – these imerials would get no help. Curiosity and nessecity had him digging through files looking for intel, what he found was worse – he quickly ran after his wookie companion into the underground complex as troops were breaking down the doors to where he had been doing his slicing.

Vex Ruul: Leading the wookie underground army into the base he ran towards the remaining AT-ST walker in a display of bravery and insanity. It seemed over for the shadowy swordsman for a moment, but his plan was quickly revealed: using his affinity for trickery and the misdirecting powers of the force he executed a brazen feint. As a result the two walkers ended up in each others crossfire. This treat taken care of he went about assasinating any leadership he could spot.

Kotan Blen: Was found in the middle of the battle, leading the wookies into even greater heights of bravery. His presence inspired greater fervor and dicipline.

Onda: took a moment before the battle started in earnest to reflect and seek out the force, he saw all the myriad of possibilities in the future, he looked for the turning points – the moments wher all would be lost. Opening his eyes he set to work, he would make sure that these moments would not come to pass.

A mass battle ensued and the imperials quickly lost initiative.

Inside the Research base
Meanwhile Krank had entered the medical facility, Joe on his heels.
Joe found a computer, seeking to disrupt Imperial comms systems and dig out this base’s secrets. This facility turned out to be a biological weapons research facility, joe decided to destroy all evidence to ensure no-one would use the horrible bioweapon. In the prosess he triggered something else as well. Krank found his sister Kuvana on a stretcher in a quarantined room, the computer counting down to pathogen release. Quickly ramming the door and dragging her out.
The selfdestruct activated, and started ticking down

Two Jedi vs One Walker
Kotan and Onda spotted the AT-AT returning to the base and decided to deal with it.
Running towards it, moving under its arc of fire, thus acquiring some modicum of safety. Kotan force-flung Onda to the top of it, where he started laying into its vulnerable neck section with his saber. Meanwhile his friend pummeled it’s legs with debris from the three broken AT-ST’s .
Then Onda managed to cut through, structural integrity of the head was compromised and from inside the body there were screams.

Vex’s Duel
Vex had invaded the command center of the base. Evading the guards, he found the base commander and they dueled through the control room. She was a worthy foe and he only won by a hair. Seeing the Walker collapse outside, he grabbed the announcer and proclaimed defiantly “VEX RUULS, the battle is over! we have won!”, out of the corner of his eye he saw “BASE SELF DESTRUCT ACTIVATED”, he pressed the announcer once more; “GET OUT” and jumped out the window.

As our heroes left the burning base behind, they left with the prisoners and the wookiee skirmishers. Casualties were taken, yet the mood was high.
The flame of rebellion on Kashyyk was lit.

Enter the shadowlands
Episode XXVIII

After victory escape was the plan.
Fleeing the chaos of the destroyed Imperial base the group and it’s Wookie allies attempted to get lost in the bushes so to speak.

Onda and Joe volunteered to make a combat decoy to pull the pursuing land-based foes far from the fleeing friendlies.
With them they took all the soldier wookies, including Sharkie.

When the roaring tiefighters hit the sky behind them hard, Vex led the non-combatants and his confidants; Krankawarrok & Kotan through the jungle!

Suddenly Vex noticed something brushing in the bushes! And sprang out to attract fire while Krankawarrok lept to the flanks! The fight was brutal and our friends where all heavily hit! Luckily Kotan had used the Force to give the ex-slaves cover with a giant tree while Vex attracted two dozen grenades and even more blaster fire! But alas Kotan got hit and struck unconscious right at the end..

Then came the Ties again.. The group had been separated from the slaves but met three young ones, and together they found escape from the skies, falling into a valley.. A two-tailed path, both leading to the shadowlands!
Stealthing the approach the stunning six stood, and smelled a huge beast!
Vex wanted to discover it’s secret lair. But just as he was to leave the group, Kranky goes off in burst of speed and hairballs.
There is a great pursuit and Kranky hits the beast several times before loosing it just as the other fine five found snuck around , up and out!

Together they had survived the shadowlands, lost the Empire pursuers and came up right behind the abandoned republic base!

(Late) Introduction Chapter 5: The Emporium, Kashyyk, a biological agent, some rebels and a whole lot of trouble...
Episode XXIX

Part 1: Is only the GM taking the opportunity to write a recap

After learning the secrets of Suljo Warde‘s teachings, and putting Warde on the path to redemption and leaving him in the care of the gatekeepers of the Dawn Temple, our heroes did some much needed debt maintenance for Heavy Gan and his benefactor Ta’lon. As our heroes finished the job and upon receiving payment aboard Cartol’s Emporium, an old enemy ambushed them. With ferocious determination our heroes slew the thugs and removed Nebula from the ship and was introduced to a new ally: Yodd Zett Haa (call him Joe), a Verpine slicer.

Joe provides intelligence, both literally and in the form of information. In short Joe has been tracking Nebula after Joe’s team had a run-in with Kiados. Joe had a vision of our heroes tracking and fighting Kiados, he decided to find them and join them in this venture. Kiados’ current location seems to be, or was recently, Kashyyk…

Having crash-landed the Void of Integrity in the tree tops, our heroes have ventured through the jungles of Kashyyk. They have freed slaves, stolen a whole lot of sensitive data on a clandestine bio-weapon project, killed an enemy commander, destroyed an AT-AT and seriously damaged an Imperial base (by inadvertently activating the self-destruct mechanism in the bio-weapon test-facility), our heroes then fled from the subsequent imperial pursuit, some even had a trip through the shadowlands, as a second decoy team… Eventually the heroes arrived exhausted and pretty beat up at an old Republic base from the last weeks of the Clone Wars.

Part 2: Recuperation, reconnaissance and renewed fervor

Having spent a few days setting up the base to take care of the weak and injured, the Force willed it so that the imperial search parties never checked the old Republic base thoroughly when they swept by in their TIEs and on their speederbikes. For now our heroes and their friends are safe.

Our heroes remained on the base, licking their wounds, exploring the base and planning the next move.

Spending several days going over the data Joe downloaded from the imperial base, they discover that the base was one of three central location for what is called the “Kohoun”-project, project number: I89V. Purpose: massive scale crowd/population control. The three locations are Redwing (probably a space station), Vector-3 (in all likelihood the base our heroes escaped) and Sojourn (a base near Vector-3). From the data they managed to glean that Vector-3 was a test-facility for vaccination, but also short-term exposure to different strains of the Kohoun-agent. From Vector-3 subjects are moved either to Sojourn for some unknown purpose, or to Redwing. At Redwing they infer that most subjects are put down as there exists no logs in the data Joe collected of anyone leaving. Redwing is also seemingly the place where the main biological development and research is conducted. Only variant strains are taken planet-side for testing.

Shortly after securing the old Republic base and while the freed slaves started to regain their strength, Sharky and some of his guys went off in search of reinforcements, weapons, vehicles and other roaming wookiees that could perhaps be recruited in an effort to put an end to the Kohoun-project, at least on Kashyyk.

During the exploration of the base, Onda and Kranky find parts that can be used to repair the Void of Integrity. Given time and help from the indigenous tribes and draft animals, it can be done. There is enough material to patch up the Void and make her space-worthy, although an essential part, a de-polarised Mc6-modulator for the sublight engines, must be scavenged from another ship or stolen from a mechanics bay. If they are to take out Redwing they need a ship. If they are to escape the planet, they need a ship.

Talking with the recuperating freed slaves, Vex learns more of recent events. Days before the battle above Kashyyk, that the heroes witnessed upon their arrival, some of the slaves tell of sounds of explosions and a battle in the jungle. One slave insists this was a lonely Jedi returning to avenge his fallen brothers and sisters, another claims the battle was between the imperials and a small team of elite commandos lead by an old Jedi general. The battle raged for a couple of days, mostly during the night. Vector-3 was briefly targeted by a series of attacks, but for some unknown reason the attackers moved on just as the slaves hoped they would be freed and the base personnel was preparing for retreat. A third slave is adamant that he heard the telltale sound of one or more lightsabers. A fourth slave claims that she overheard some scout troopers talking about an attack on one of the neighbouring bases shortly after, she is certain it was the same assailants.

The group attribute these events to Kiados, mainly due to two sightings corresponding with some security footage Joe got in his data library. Vex also learns that the area where the bases are located is ancient holy grounds, dating back to long before the wookiees themselves reached out among the stars, although the stars had already reached down and touched Kashyyk. In that area.

During a meditative healing session our heroes experienced a shared vision instigated by Kotan reaching out in the Force. It was of a veiled figure standing in a large cavern, in front of an obscured stone figure. The veiled figure reached out and as it picked something up the vision turned completely black, although they could then hear the sound of deep, ominous chanting coming from afar.

Sharky returned after a week with more wookiee soldiers and a group of rebel commandos, who crash landed during the space battle. Their mission is to take out these bases, both on ground and in space, to stop the spreading of what they refer to as the Mengalic-virus. While they’re aware that the attack failed, they are still alive and determined to complete their mission. They’ll help the heroes, if the heroes help them…

Introducing The Crashed Rebel Commandos
Episode XXIX

Sharky Introduced us to the Rebel Commandos:

  • The human gunslinger, Maxon Anjek seemed to be in charge,.
  • His second in command was Oberon Sunrider, a falleen sniper with a substance abuse problem.
  • Shadowed by Phoenix Lester the grim bothan infiltrator.
  • Baljos, the nervous ithorian medic brings up their rear.

Sitting down with the Rebel Commandos and their holomap we formed a plan:

  • Joe and Onda would infiltrate the V-3 base where we caused so much havoc some days ago and get their hands on a de-polarized Mc6-modulator, they would then deliver it to waiting wookies in the jungle who would bring it to …
  • Vex and a group of wookies would travel to The Void of Integrity to repair the ship, we would need it operational to infiltrate Redwing Starbase, they would recive the missing component from the wookies that Joe and Onda met.
  • Meanwhile the Commandos would scout out Dalek base to the east of V-3, while Kotan and Krankawarrok scout the west. Both groups would meet up at rendezvous point Aurek, from there they would scout out the remaining two bases to find out which is Sojourn.

That of course, was just the plan …

When Joe and Onda didn’t meet up at Aurek, the commandos, Kotan and Krank decided to scout out the small temporary base to the southeast of of Dalek.
They swiftly ascertained that what was supposed to look like a temporary base was hiding something else under, Kotan felt a deeper darkness hidden underground that, he was sure it was the place they saw in their visions, maybe a temple of some sort.
After almost a day of observing the Imperials rutines they returned to Aurek.
Where were the others?

And then there was Bubba ...
Episode XXIX Cont.

Joe and Onda had no problems gaining access to the imperial base (V-3).
The place was familiar to them after the battle, and even though the Empire was hard at work rebuilding it, there were still gaps in security (and in the walls for that matter).

After a brief scouting of the area, and some quick slicing the two infiltrators found out that their best chance at getting a de-polarized Mc6-modulator would be to steal one from the ship parkedlanding pad nearby.

Exploiting a gap in the patrols they made their way to the landing pad and entered the ship, Onda sensed that there was a sentient onboard, Joe could hear someone tinkering in the engine room.

His name was Bubba, he was a Besalisk, it was his ship.

Through blatant lying and sheer force of conviction they made him agree to leave the base and fly near the ground towards the wreakage of the Void of Integrity.
It was pretty clear that they were not imperial scouts, but Bubba also clearly didn’t seem to mind.

As they aproached the treehouse/wreckage of the Integrity everything went to Rathar poop.

Bubba wanted answers to what they were getting him involved in, Onda and Joe told him they were going to take parts from his ship to fix theirs (in hindsight maybe asking him if he wanted to join the Rebellion or offering him credits would have been a better place to start …)
Bubba took offence, and evasive manouvers with his craft as he disengaged the internal gravity, landing Joe and Onda in the ceiling and walls as he sent them tumbling around the interior.
Onda solved the problem the way he usually does, and after moving the unconcious Besalisk tried to get control over the ship before they crashed.

Now there was the question of their new captive and the repairs of the(ir) Integrity.

The Trials
Episode XXX


As Vex, Sharky and the wookies were repairing the Void of Integrity, Joe and Onda were catching up with Kotan, Krankawarrok and the Rebel Commandos

Oberon and Phoenix would get into positions near Sojourn base to provide sniping and covering fire if needed, they would also function as lookouts and liasons between the group and the pilots that would make a bombing run of the base before heading towards Redwing.

Maxxon and Baljos would join the rest going through the underground tunnels connecting Dalek to Sojourn. If everything went as planned the group would enter Sojourn from the underground, take out any opposition, the commandos would plant explosives and gain access codes to Redwing while the Force Sensetives would enter the coverd hole that they belived led to a buried temple.

Gaining access to Dalek base was the easy part.



Underground Kotan led the commandoes and his friends into the generator room and demanded an update from the technician working there and his Stormtrooper guard, momentarily flustered they questioned his authority, but a wave of a hand and a simple reminder of his status as a highly ranked and valued freelancer solved that discussion.

Kotan dispatched the guard together with the Commandos to “investigate a mysterious sound” while he got all information from the poor technician. The generator was down and several systems were because of this offline, among them the nearby terminals and the hazardous containment system …

After the third subtle hint from Kotan, Onda undertood it and shot the preoccupied tech with a stun pulse.

After both the technician and the trooper were knocked unconcious (the trooper was also covered in bruises from Baljos and Maxxons overeager minstrations of karmic justice) Joe and Kotan repaired the generator, before using the nearby terminals to slice into Sojourn to get Redwing access codes.
In the proccess Joe also manged to copy parts of an imperial code generating program, info that would be invaluble to the rebellion.

Meanwhile further down the long passages, Onda, bored form watching mechanic and computer work went ahead to scout the entrance to Sojourn. He had felt four more troopers stationed further in the underground.

They never even got to draw their blasters.


When the tunnel opened up into natural caves Krankawarrok left the others to their generators and other pansy endeavours and scaled the walls to investigate the other path. Coming upon a secluded ledge far away from the imperial bored tunnels he breathed in the swirling ash while investigating the rocks and tried to concentrate.

Then the creature attacked.

Mandibles, horns, tusks , clawed hands and a size to rival a starship, for once Krankawarrok felt outmatched – he fled, scrambling down the cliffside in mighty leaps as he kicked off from wall to wall in displays of acrobatis that would flabbergast most professional parkours.

The beast kept up.

Soon he was back were he had started, the darkness had fooled him into going in a circle.
The creature struck out at him, almost bringing him to his knees, then it bellowed.
The sound made walls shake and the molars in Kranks mouth rattle.

Enough, he decided and let out an answering roar, ready to face his certain death as a true warrior.



Striding silently up the stairs into the Sojourn base Kotan managed to spot two of the Storm Commandos, he grasped one with the force and sent him flying into the other.
Krank and Onda stepped up to them while they were still dazed and finished them off in offhanded displays of martial mastery.

As this was going on Joe sliced into a nearby terminal and opened the access to the base’s command center. Maxxon and Baljos headed inside to cause some mayhem and plant some explosives.

Joe caught up with his friends as they were harrased by snipers on the roof, Kotan was trusting in his armor to withstand the fire untill they could leave.
Krank had just jumped down the cavern to fetch the turbolift.
The rest of them would have to hold out while it ascended.

Supporting shots from Oberon and Phoenix were joined by the Void of Integrity. Sharky and his Wookie crew were manning the turrets and raining blaster shots on the scattered imperials.

Vex landed on the battlefield and quickly met up with his friends.
As they started their descent, over them Sojourn base was engulfed in flames as the old republic bombers dropped of their gifts for the imperials and set their noses towards space together with the commandoes and the Void of Integrity.


At the entrance to the temple hall four dead troopers were laid to the side, on inspection one was a neimoidian under the helmet, maybe spies?

The walls room were covered in old frescoes, while a recurring pattern of a of triangular shape with two circles littered the floor in an overlapping pattern.
Further in a massive statue of a Wookie stood his arms held forward, obviously holding something that wasn’t there anymore. Maybe Kiados had been here already …

Vex scouted ahead, but when the others crept into the hallway leading to the open domed chamber minutes later, they did not see him.

While some let their impatience lead them, Onda stopped and focused his mind, after a brief moment he managed to see through the illusion cloaking his captured friends, the storm commandoes with raised rifles.

And Sinnius, who let the illusion drop and invited them forward.


Their meeting ended they headed back to the surface.
Before they left, Joe came across some residue from the artifact Kiados had stolen as he examined the plinth that had held the globe, he decide to hold on to it for later.

The Void of Integrity and the Rebel Commandoes landed in the decimated base in front of them and they boarded, eager to be away from Kashyyyk.

Maxxon told them that they hadn’t managed to take out Redwing base, but their attacks had forced the Imperials to move it, a small victory – but still a victory. He also asked how their mission under Sojourn had gone.

Kotan answered simply “We Failed.” and walked aboard the ship.


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