Kraft og skjebne

A new king
Episode XIX: Ninja galore

Talking to the holocron of Suljo Warde the party learns many things. They can now start out training the new art developed by Suljo and further learn that they only have a part of the holocron. The next crystal may be found on the planet of Arbooine in the Arbo system.

Traveling to Arbooine the party find a forresty planet and seek out the city of Quolas. They are however unable to find the city at the coordinates given by the holocron. Landing in a likely spot the set out into the jungle to find the city. By Kranks good tracking skills they find a path leading to the city.

Upon entering the city they feel the power of the dark side emanating strongly throughout the city. When they ask for Suljo Warde they are given a name: The Reeve. Onda then has a vision showing that the Reeve is Suljos apprentice; Gel Marcolf, and that he is indeed taken by the dark side.

Kotan proposes a stealth mission to talk to Gel and the party agrees (Krank reluctantly). Sneaking up to the main mansion the party manages to get into Gels sleeping quarters without raising to many alarms.

Kranks ninja skills getting in through the sky view wakes Gel and negotiations start. Gel wants Suljos powers for himself and a fight commences. Krank heroically keeps the guards at bay while Onda and Kotan fight Gel. A while into the fight Kotan has had enough and takes Gel down drawing heavily on the dark side and falling unconscious himself. Onda sees his opportunity to stop the fighting and severs Gels head from his body and proclaims himself “The new King”. The locals stop fighting and bow down to the new king.

Taking what they came for the party leaves the city and just as they leave the gates they see a civil war break out. Kotan wants to stop this, but Onda believes the greater threat is dealt with.

The party gets back to the ship to lick their wounds and see what they have recovered from Gel Marcolf. And the story ends.

(Onda went dark side and Kotan does not know what he thinks of this)

Strained Negotiations
Episode XVIII

Sector: ANX47ZZ-

We arrive into a field of debris and old shipwrecks, and after alot of tense piloting Onda leads us to a lager astroid where we find Warde’s escape pod.
This does not fit with the logs found on The Last Echo; they claimed it was near a planet and in a safe area where he would be easily found.
This place is hard to come by and not near any main shipping lanes … maybe the pod drifted … or maybe the logs were faked to avoid prosecution for deserting a sentient in dead space…

On it we find a hidden habitat dome , guarded by droids and electrofences.
Calif is the owner and lord of this little rock in the middle of nowhere, and a bit silly it seems, his bodyguard/partner Zehig is way more intimidating and professional.
Their trade seems to be pharmaceutical in the broadest sense of the word …

We learn that Warde and his associate, Gel Marcolf, were here 20 cycles ago.
They traded some items for their rescue and safe passage to the Spice Terminus station.

Krankawarrok’s recent head trauma has left him erratic in moods and behavior, he attacks Zehig, but is promptly outmanouvered and we manage to calm him down before things escalate.

The negotiations with Calif after are tense, and we accept a high price to smooth things over.

The items recovered from Warde’s lockchest contain a holocron, using the alredy recovered crystal from mandalore to unlock it we learn more about Warde and his apprentice Marcov.
Including Marcovs’ homeplanet and possible base: Arbooine.

We travel on.

2 steps forward, 2 steps back ...
Episode XVII

Random notes from Kotans audiolog:
Nadij, a Mountain Planet, a quick stop before the search for Warde continues.
EDIT: famous lasts words it seemed …

(sounds of industrial work being done in the vicinity, somebody drops a spacewrench)
We have a new shield generator upgrade, compliments of Dursa, the owner of the shipyard

(whispers) – why are alle the mechanics I meet small and furry …?

(wookie sounds in the background)
Krankawarrok has been selling Roy’s Booma Juice like it’s water on tatooine apparently,
notable customers include:
* A Wookie bar owner , didn’t catch his name, sounds ok – son is a brewer apparently.

EDIT: (loud club music and a sounds of drunk Onda declaring his love) He also deals with every illegal high you can chase under this sun, and any other sun you can think of as well.

I’m starting to think the drink needs a better name …
Irris Tunjon, a representativ of Heavy Gan came and delivered an offer we can’t refuse, and by “offer” , I mean “tried to strongarm us into a dodgy deal”
… the worst part is that we’re going to have to take it,
Onda isn’t going to be happy – he cares way too much about credits for his own good,
it distracts him …

(overhead sounds of a starport)
We are back at Sura, to pick up a shipment for Cadacious, Roy seems happy with the development.
Me? I just want to get moving, time is of the essence, and our enemies seem to grow in numbers by the day.

I’ve taken the time to upgrade the …project while visiting my … friends.

(during takeoff)
Everything is taken care of on Nadij, now we can get back to our task.

(sounds of turbulence and debris hitting the ship)
An Astroid Field … For Fucks Sake!

(sounds of cycling airlocks)
We have arrive to Point Nadir, a shadowport hidden inside a traveling comet
… yeah, my mind is also reeling from that.
We will get coordinates and info and leave before we attract any attention, I’m guessing there are many unsavory types in such a place.

(lots of interference and sounds of running, the recorder gets left on by mistake after being used)
I don’t know what these two have done in the few hours we’ve been here, but we’re leaving now.
It’s ok, I have the info we need.
( sounds of the ship powering up and moving, many muffled voices talking, sounds of walking, doors opening and closing. Kotans voice cuts through slightly higher than usual:)
- Who’s arm is that!?
-And what happened to Krank?!
-Why do these things happen whenever I let you out of my sight, Greenballs?!
-OK, new bloody rule:
Onda stays with me everytime we dock somwhere from now on!
-This shit is no longer funny, guys!

Episode XVII: Introduction

After a lucky coincidence our heroes managed to escape Imperial captivity and their deadly and mysterious captor, Sinnius. Fleeing during the midst of an attack by unknown forces, our heroes managed to pick up the transponder of the consular-class light cruiser attacking the Scourge of Elmar. It was the Owl Power

Having witnessed the execution of several of their questioners as a consequence of their inability to get the truth from the heroes and being seconds away from witnessing (and arguably causing) the planetary bombardment of Susevfi averted by the aggressive actions of the Owl Power, our heroes are now enroute to Nedij. There the heroes intend to distribute some of Roy‘s liquor Booma Juice. Before moving on to the coordinates where Suljo Warde was ejected from the Last Echo, in search of this elusive individual’s powers.

Our heroes will soon exit hyperspace, still dealing with the following questions:

  • Who is Sinnius and is he in pursuit?
  • Who and where is Nebula?
  • Who was the attackers that saved them?
  • What will happen to Nela Kohn and the Gensu-dai?
  • What will they find at the coordinates where Warde was ejected from the Last Echo?
  • Should they set up this distribution deal with Roy to get funds in preparations for the coming storm?
Episode XVI: Capitalism, here we come
We finally meet our match

After having discovered a clue as to where Suljo Warde may be located, the Crew of the Void of Integrity decide to seek him out.

The ship is in need of supplies and the crew want to gather some more gear. With this in mind, they travel to Sura, largest settlement on Susevfi, to try their luck. Upon arriving in Sura they discover the Imperial presence has increased dramatically. They come in contact with a prospering bartender who is also a Booma Juice brewer. His name is Roy. Kotan manages to establish a partnership with him as a Booma Juice distributor. We agree to distribute two pallets of the Juice.

While waiting for the delivery of said goods, an Imperial broadcast is shown on the screens of Sura. This broadcast shows several clips of insurgents against the empire, one of them shows the party on the derelict station. Upon seeing this the crew decides to take shelter in the Integrity till it is time to leave. Checking for signs of future turmoil, Onda has a vision of a fight between spaceships and a dark, commanding, armoured figure. Onda, believing this will happen sometime during the next day, argues that we should use this space combat as a distraction to get away from the planet. Onda does not manage to convince the rest of the crew.

Leaving Susevfi the Integrity is hailed by an Imperial customs ship. The customs inspection goes well and the ship is given a space lane to use for the departure of the system. Upon passing the 6th moon of the planet they find a large ship hiding behind the moon. Getting closer to the ship they are hailed again and told to dock. The ship is a black Nebulon-B frigate called The Scourge of Elmar.

Docking with the Scourge of Elmar the crew is taken into custody as Gensu-Dai collaborators . Some parlaying commences and suddenly Crank gets righteously mad at our captors and is taken away. Seeing this, Onda tries following to check on him. Our interrogator tries to have Onda seized, but Onda manages to slip past them trying to get to Crank. Finding the guards outside Crank’s cell he is summarily stunshot unconscious. While this happens, Kotan takes the altruistic path and tells our captors that he himself is the Gensu-Dai. He is not believed. This results in both Kotan and Aahch getting put in separate cells. The crew is separated, here is what happens next.

Crank: While getting angry and getting separated from the rest of the crew was a clever ploy to get us out of this pickle, none of the rest of the crew understood this. Crank manages to communicate to our captors that he wants to talk. Talking with the Imperial questioner he lays out a story of us being the victims of Gensu-Dai: “We are not the Gensu-Dai, they captured us and forced us to work with them.” That Kotan had told them that he himself was Gensu-Dai did not help Crank’s argument the least. Having gotten nowhere, Crank is confined to his cell once again.

Aahch: Aahchs plans are to support Kotan with his scheme as far as possible. While being interrogated the Imperial questioner is forced to take extreme means to get to the truth; a truth serum. Not wanting this to happen Aahch deftly uses his power to make the questioner inject himself with the serum. Getting mad he also injects Aahch. What then commences i a hilarious truth or dare game without the dare, and nobody can lie. Aahch gets little of importance out of the questioner, but manages to get Aahch to admit Nelacon is a leader. The questioner is removed and Aahch is moved back to his cell.

Kotan: While being interrogated Kotan fervently maintains that he himself is Gensu-Dai. Giving allusions that he and his crew are the only ones using the name. Having no way of getting Kotan to budge from this obvious lie, the questioners give up and take him back to his cell.

Onda: Onda is questioned last. (Not to his knowledge). He knows this is dangerous for him. He might blurt out something important, without knowing it. After finding out his friends are still alive he plays the silent game. The questioner promises he will be killed if Onda does not cooperate, and Onda likes this promise. Staying silent, the interview is soon over.

After all this has transpired the entire crew is taken to the bridge. Here they meet the dark armored figure Sinious and are given a proposition. Sinious kills the two questioners failing most in their jobs, while telling the crew they can stop this. They only have to tell the location of the real Gensu-Dai. The crew reacts differently: Onda likes what he sees, Kotan tries to negotiate him to stop, Crank is kinda hoping to work from them and Aahch tries to steal his blaster with his powers.

After killing the 3rd questioner the Scource of Elmar is bombarded. Seizing the opportunity Kotan attacks Sinious with his powers and makes him real scared. The guards are told to take the crew back to their cells. Given this opportune chance, the crew manages to kill their guards while been escorted back to their cells. They manage run for their ship and leaves as soon as they are able. Finding the attackers not hostile towards the Integrity, they manage to enter hyperspace….

Episode XVI: Introduction
What about the 'croon?

After Vex’ skilled decryption of the data from the CIS space station, coupled with the information on the code cylinder Kotan found on the body of a dead Jedi on the Last Echo, our heroes have managed to approximate the coordinates where Suljo Warde was jettisoned in an escape pod.

Because of their encounter with an imperial agent so close to the Suarbi system, Nela Kohn has decreased Gensu-dai activity somewhat and kindly asked the crew of the Void of Integrity to refrain from going into the field with her operatives or on their own. In search for a replacement arm for Vex and tending their own wounds, the crew has been preparing for the next step of their quest. Travelling to major settlements and towns, our heroes are in need of equipment, gear and money.

Kohn is willing to provide some help in their mission in the form of contacts and her limited resources, but she has her own worries as reports tell of increased Imperial activity in the major settlements and on the borders of the Quence sector.

Our heroes must now choose their path wisely …

Mostly Armless
Episode XV: CIS and the Imperial bonanza

Exploration of a derelict space station in a decaying orbit over a red sun somewhere in the Quence sector gives us old logs to bring back to the Gensu-dai.

But before we can leave we are ambushed by Imperial Stormtroopers.

A battle ensues, from level to level and room to room.
Vex proves his use as a scout, Kotan embraces his newfound warrior lifestyle, Onda does his thing, Aahch protects everyone-all the time, and Kranky switches between decimating all nearby troopers , and stuffing anything that looks useful in his bag …

Our last opponents are droids or possible cyborgs, regardless: something new and dangerous.
They are led by an imperial operative – he is quickly wounded, but he obliterates Vex’ arm for his trouble and with help of one of these mechanoid Troopers makes his escape.

We follow his lead and run like womprats out of a sarlac pit to the Integrity, we jump to hyperspace before the VT-47 Decimator-class assault ship with the transponder Vulture can bring its cannons to bear.

Back on Suarbi 7/5 we discuss our encounter with Nela Kohn. Trying to make sense of the ambush and presence of imperial troops on the old CIS space station.

Hours of research and Vex’ expert slicing gives us another piece of the puzzle: Suljo Warde was onboard the Last Echo and he was forcibly thrown off ship in an escape pod and we have the coordinates …

There is also some scrambled info about something hidden on the Last Echo; a vault? The code cylinder we recovered from the dead Jedi onboard may be the key.

In the meantime, Aahch searches the ship for bugs or trackers and comes up empty, at least we’ve not led any enemies back to the Gensu-Dai and we now know the ship needs parts, lots of em’!

Chapter 4: Introduction

Four months have passed. The crew of the Void of Integrity have received medical care, rest and training while staying with their hosts, the Gensu-dai. Nela Kohn’s hospitality however did not come without a cost: the exchange of information.

While willingly teaching them what she knows, they have also been required to help and train her Gensu-dai. The various skills of the crew have been put to good use. Where Kotan has been training under Nela, his comrades have been teaching the Gensu-dai what they can; be it slicing, repairs and maintenance, fighting techniques or breaking and entering. All taught in the field, as the Gensu-dai are few and their mission require vigilance and initiative.

Over the months taking part in hunting down pirates, slavers and criminals in the Suarbi system as whole and a few other places in the Quence sector, the crew has gained more insight into the Force and into a different kind of life, with a different purpose. While the Gensu-dai are few, their area of influence is surprisingly large.

While not actively fighting the Empire and not yet targeted, the Gensu-dai is aware that their activities could be noticed at any moment. Luckily the Empire has little interest in the Suarbi system as their attention is currently elsewhere …

Over the last few weeks Onda, Kotan and Nela have been spending more time searching for clues on the whereabouts of Suljo Warde’s holocron. Conversing with Tera Sinube’s holocron, researching Nela Kohn’s own records and datatapes, and what can be gleaned from the history datachips on the “Jedi Rebellion” and the history of the Clone Wars, some of Warde’s movement and deeds before and during the war can be tracked.

With Nela’s help they have discovered a location that could help them locate the holocron they need if they are to discover the teachings of Suljo Warde. Surprisingly the Last Echo was one of the ships Warde was in contact with many months before his death. Perhaps some details of his visit is still aboard the starship computer that can shed some light on the whereabouts of the holocron?

Researching the Last Echo to be better prepared before a potential mission to raid the ship computers, the crew of the Void of Integrity have discovered that the Last Echo may have been involved in some clandestine unsanctioned operation, kept hidden from not just the Old Republic and the Separatists, but also the Jedi Council. Cross-referencing with various sources, the ship seemingly has ties to all three organisations. In need of more answers, the crew fired up the engines of the Void of Integrity and travelled to the an old CIS space station, that may contain records of the Last Echo mission.

Having boarded the old space station they braved the cold and oppressive darkness. Managing to restart minimal life support they made their way to the main computer terminal. Now, just as their download finishes they feel a coldness spreading from somewhere above, from the landing bays …

The Last Stand on the Last Echo
Episode XIV "Resident Evil in Space"

The trip to the Suarbi system, planet 5, moon 7, referred to as “Susevfi” took a turn for the interesting, when the party exited hyperspace due to critical malfunctions in the engine.
Desperately seeking for anything to guide them, both eyes and sensors blinded by the nebula in which they found themselves, Onda somehow found a drifting ship. An old Corellian Corvette, the Last Echo.

Our brave heroes made a boarding party consisting of Kotan, Krank and Onda. Vex and Aahch staying to attempt repairs of the damaged engine on the Void.
As they boarded the derelict, they were finding it void of people, in low-power mode, getting barely by on minimal life support and lighting. Ascending by maintenance hatch to the gunnery section, they found the first clues outside the bridge.

Claw marks and blaster scores on the walls. Still no sign of life. Finding a working terminal, maps of the ship found on the limited access to the mainframe. A blurry sign of life in the engineering section, on the far side of the ship.

Corpses were found, corpses of children. Corpses half-eaten, a robed man with a hole in his head and a gun in his hand. A headless child found in one abandoned room, two tiny corpses in another barricaded room, frozen. Greatly saddened and affected by this our brave heroes nonetheless soldiered on, trying to find the cause of this. Then they appeared.

Beings of an unknown nature. unflinching in the face of casualties. As they were killed more showed up. Later found to be Rakghouls. Former sentient beings mutated by a virus to unthinking predators. Unrecognizable from their previous forms. Responsible for the murders of their own shipmates, curing them might not be for the best. Fighting them room to room, advancing by retreating to the engine section. A shortcut was made, through a wall. Glorious.

Vex and Aahch on the Void were forced to undock for safety and finding themselves adrift in space with little hope of rescue. In an attempt at help, any help, they tried the communications systems, in the middle of nowhere. Brilliant.

An unending tide of Rakghouls, unflinching in the face of death. Fighting their way through the ship, some people looting in the face of adversity, they made their way to the engine room. A vast room spanning several floors. And then more Rakghouls climbing the walls like vermin. Kotan used his blaster to great effect, until it was ripped from his hand.

Swarms were killed off at a time, Krank held the upper floor, alone. Onda and Kotan descending by very different means, fought on the lower floors, killing a mega-rakghoul, and engaging another fiend in a chemical spill.

A lull in the battle on the upper floors was ended by the appearance of a unknown man, with black eyes, wielding blaster and staff. A man seemingly affected by the virus but not like the rest. Quickly proving himself hostile, he shot at the wounded Krank. Kotan climbed the ladders, fearing for the safety of his friend. Attempting a force attack on the stranger, he was repulsed. This man was capable of using the force. Engaging the man in close combat, Krank hit him again and again to little effect. A sudden Force-Push left Krank on the ground. Kotan struck at the stranger. Kotan killed the stranger.

Another stranger appeared. Armed and armored far beyond the first. Vex and Ach saves the day, or, at least the boarding party. Frantic calls for help bore fruit.

The new stranger led them out of the ghost ship. Finding their rescuers armored in the shapes of animals. Led to another ship and quickly leaving the Echo behind, taken to a facility on a nearby planet.

Their wounds taken care of, and asked to wait. Their chief rescuer was revealed to be Nela Kohn. A search coming to an end.

The Story So Far: Chapter 3

Episode 10: The gang goes legit

Our next destination is Mandalore, we are looking for clues on Suljo Warde and Nela Kohn. We spend some credits on clothing and such to easier blend in with the populace and not appear as obvious off-worlders and battle hardened criminals.

Krankawarrok commissions some armor from Sela Shodon, an assumed associate of Nela Kohn. Last message from her is a long time ago, sent from near Bothan space: Rishii.

Onda registers our ship as a tramp freighter and charter bus. Our first job is transporting a youngling concert band orchestra. During said process of registration Onda charms a lady working for local authorities.

Episode 11: Concordia

A droid delivers a holomessage from a cloaked figure leading us to Concordia, the moon of Mandalore. Our investigation of the main mining complex has us stumbling across some Deathwatch mandalorians, Kotans way with people and the force convinces them that we’re on their side. Of course it doesn’t last long before they turn on us and a hectic firefight is followed by a chase across Concordia’s surface.

Evading their reinforcements in a cave we return to Mandalore, with a mysterious ancient lockbox in our hold. We need keys. Key cards to be precise.

Episode 12: The museum job

The box needs two keys, which we are told by our mysterious benefactor, Golok, is in Ordo Museum. He also supplies us with schematics for the building.

Their recon reveals little but the location of the key cards they need. Breaking into and stealing them goes very well, with some awesome slicing by Aahch and some fast running and fancy, but ultimately unnecessary, lightsaber work by Onda. Kotan on look-out duty. Krank passes time listening to his guilty pleasure songs in the getaway vehicle. Ordon law enforcement are left stumped.

When we gather around the box to open it, something mysterious and unusual happens. We are by unknown means transported to a labyrinth that we later understand is inside the box. As we appear inside the labyrinth a dark voice welcomes us and thanks us for being his escape… one of us is possessed. With a tinge of paranoia affecting every decision, we try to find our way through the labyrinth. As we come closer to a room where we can see light, the voice becomes happy and enthusiastic, beckoning us to run for the crystal that will let us out. Paranoia prevents us. After many attempts at revealing who’s been possessed, Kotan becomes convinced no one is and holding hands, they run for the crystal as the labyrinth starts to crumble.

Appearing back in the hold of the Void we are not alone. A stranger with a sword and golden cloak stands in our midst. With a sweeping gesture two large groups of beasts are summoned and it’s on. After showing some serious dark side power, the ancient sorcerer is eventually defeated, disappearing as black smoke. Approaching the now open box, its contents revealed. A strange amulet with a Kyber crystal of some kind attached to it, and an old Jedi utility belt.

Our holocron and it’s gatekeeper Tera Sinube reveals to us that this is a rare kind of Kyber crystal that is most likely the key and activator of some other holocron.

Onda has a vision of Stormtroopers in the streets and a Stardestroyer above. We need to leave quickly!

Episode 13: Escape from Ordon

Ready to leave Ordon, Kranky goes off to pay the remaining docking fees. It slowly dawns on him that a lot more time has passed since the heist than he thought. Above, hanging over Ordon he can see a Victory-class Stardestroyer. We’re too late, all of the spaceport is under lock-down.

Also, the heist did not go as well as we thought. The Empire has arrived and has set in effect a blockade until the criminals are caught.

Kranky goes to Shodon to ask for his armour. Onda meets the weapon smith Ron. Shows him his lightsaber and the two end up going through the working of lightsabers and the drinking of Whyren’s reserve.

Kotan spends time on the Void modifying his lightsaber, intent on waiting this blockade out.

The following day, Kranky in a new custom made armour and Onda severely under the weather from the binge the night before, it becomes apparent that the Empire has sent a resourceful agent and that the nature of the criminals are now discovered. Only described as “religious fanatics” it becomes clear, after a good while, that Onda’s handy work using his lightsaber to cut some security at the museum has been identified as a lightsaber cut.

The ship has been searched once, luckily Kotan was there to use his charms and force talents to convince them that nothing was out of place… but it will only be a matter of time before they return. We know we must leave.

After quite a lot of inventive spaceship mechanics, street side skulduggery and neck breaking piloting we manage to escape from the Imperial blockage of Ordon.

Jumping into hyperspace our next destination is Susevfi, a moon in the Suarbi system.

Episode 14: Resident space

A failed hyperjump leaves us stranded in a nebula with a fried hyperdrive.

In search for our salvation we come across in old Corellian Corvette, the_Last Echo_.
Kotan, Krankawarrok and Onda board the ship looking for survivors and tools to repair their hyperdrive.

The Last Echo is a depressing place, life support at its last leg and signs of battle mar its interior, we come across several corpses: some died from the cold, most died from exsanguination.

Among the corpses is Jedi, whom it seems took his own life, Kotan recovers a code cylinder from him.

Too late we realise Rakghouls are the source of the problems on this ship and on the command floor, through the ship and into the engineering bay we fight them.

In the end we are unexpectedly rescued by a lightsaber wielding and armour clad group led by Nela Kohn.

Also as told by Krank


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