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The Last Stand on the Last Echo
Episode XIV "Resident Evil in Space"

The trip to the Suarbi system, planet 5, moon 7, referred to as “Susevfi” took a turn for the interesting, when the party exited hyperspace due to critical malfunctions in the engine.
Desperately seeking for anything to guide them, both eyes and sensors blinded by the nebula in which they found themselves, Onda somehow found a drifting ship. An old Corellian Corvette, the Last Echo.

Our brave heroes made a boarding party consisting of Kotan, Krank and Onda. Vex and Aahch staying to attempt repairs of the damaged engine on the Void.
As they boarded the derelict, they were finding it void of people, in low-power mode, getting barely by on minimal life support and lighting. Ascending by maintenance hatch to the gunnery section, they found the first clues outside the bridge.

Claw marks and blaster scores on the walls. Still no sign of life. Finding a working terminal, maps of the ship found on the limited access to the mainframe. A blurry sign of life in the engineering section, on the far side of the ship.

Corpses were found, corpses of children. Corpses half-eaten, a robed man with a hole in his head and a gun in his hand. A headless child found in one abandoned room, two tiny corpses in another barricaded room, frozen. Greatly saddened and affected by this our brave heroes nonetheless soldiered on, trying to find the cause of this. Then they appeared.

Beings of an unknown nature. unflinching in the face of casualties. As they were killed more showed up. Later found to be Rakghouls. Former sentient beings mutated by a virus to unthinking predators. Unrecognizable from their previous forms. Responsible for the murders of their own shipmates, curing them might not be for the best. Fighting them room to room, advancing by retreating to the engine section. A shortcut was made, through a wall. Glorious.

Vex and Aahch on the Void were forced to undock for safety and finding themselves adrift in space with little hope of rescue. In an attempt at help, any help, they tried the communications systems, in the middle of nowhere. Brilliant.

An unending tide of Rakghouls, unflinching in the face of death. Fighting their way through the ship, some people looting in the face of adversity, they made their way to the engine room. A vast room spanning several floors. And then more Rakghouls climbing the walls like vermin. Kotan used his blaster to great effect, until it was ripped from his hand.

Swarms were killed off at a time, Krank held the upper floor, alone. Onda and Kotan descending by very different means, fought on the lower floors, killing a mega-rakghoul, and engaging another fiend in a chemical spill.

A lull in the battle on the upper floors was ended by the appearance of a unknown man, with black eyes, wielding blaster and staff. A man seemingly affected by the virus but not like the rest. Quickly proving himself hostile, he shot at the wounded Krank. Kotan climbed the ladders, fearing for the safety of his friend. Attempting a force attack on the stranger, he was repulsed. This man was capable of using the force. Engaging the man in close combat, Krank hit him again and again to little effect. A sudden Force-Push left Krank on the ground. Kotan struck at the stranger. Kotan killed the stranger.

Another stranger appeared. Armed and armored far beyond the first. Vex and Ach saves the day, or, at least the boarding party. Frantic calls for help bore fruit.

The new stranger led them out of the ghost ship. Finding their rescuers armored in the shapes of animals. Led to another ship and quickly leaving the Echo behind, taken to a facility on a nearby planet.

Their wounds taken care of, and asked to wait. Their chief rescuer was revealed to be Nela Kohn. A search coming to an end.

The Story So Far: Chapter 3

Episode 10: The gang goes legit

Our next destination is Mandalore, we are looking for clues on Suljo Warde and Nela Kohn. We spend some credits on clothing and such to easier blend in with the populace and not appear as obvious off-worlders and battle hardened criminals.

Krankawarrok commissions some armor from Sela Shodon, an assumed associate of Nela Kohn. Last message from her is a long time ago, sent from near Bothan space: Rishii.

Onda registers our ship as a tramp freighter and charter bus. Our first job is transporting a youngling concert band orchestra. During said process of registration Onda charms a lady working for local authorities.

Episode 11: Concordia

A droid delivers a holomessage from a cloaked figure leading us to Concordia, the moon of Mandalore. Our investigation of the main mining complex has us stumbling across some Deathwatch mandalorians, Kotans way with people and the force convinces them that we’re on their side. Of course it doesn’t last long before they turn on us and a hectic firefight is followed by a chase across Concordia’s surface.

Evading their reinforcements in a cave we return to Mandalore, with a mysterious ancient lockbox in our hold. We need keys. Key cards to be precise.

Episode 12: The museum job

The box needs two keys, which we are told by our mysterious benefactor, Golok, is in Ordo Museum. He also supplies us with schematics for the building.

Their recon reveals little but the location of the key cards they need. Breaking into and stealing them goes very well, with some awesome slicing by Aahch and some fast running and fancy, but ultimately unnecessary, lightsaber work by Onda. Kotan on look-out duty. Krank passes time listening to his guilty pleasure songs in the getaway vehicle. Ordon law enforcement are left stumped.

When we gather around the box to open it, something mysterious and unusual happens. We are by unknown means transported to a labyrinth that we later understand is inside the box. As we appear inside the labyrinth a dark voice welcomes us and thanks us for being his escape… one of us is possessed. With a tinge of paranoia affecting every decision, we try to find our way through the labyrinth. As we come closer to a room where we can see light, the voice becomes happy and enthusiastic, beckoning us to run for the crystal that will let us out. Paranoia prevents us. After many attempts at revealing who’s been possessed, Kotan becomes convinced no one is and holding hands, they run for the crystal as the labyrinth starts to crumble.

Appearing back in the hold of the Void we are not alone. A stranger with a sword and golden cloak stands in our midst. With a sweeping gesture two large groups of beasts are summoned and it’s on. After showing some serious dark side power, the ancient sorcerer is eventually defeated, disappearing as black smoke. Approaching the now open box, its contents revealed. A strange amulet with a Kyber crystal of some kind attached to it, and an old Jedi utility belt.

Our holocron and it’s gatekeeper Tera Sinube reveals to us that this is a rare kind of Kyber crystal that is most likely the key and activator of some other holocron.

Onda has a vision of Stormtroopers in the streets and a Stardestroyer above. We need to leave quickly!

Episode 13: Escape from Ordon

Ready to leave Ordon, Kranky goes off to pay the remaining docking fees. It slowly dawns on him that a lot more time has passed since the heist than he thought. Above, hanging over Ordon he can see a Victory-class Stardestroyer. We’re too late, all of the spaceport is under lock-down.

Also, the heist did not go as well as we thought. The Empire has arrived and has set in effect a blockade until the criminals are caught.

Kranky goes to Shodon to ask for his armour. Onda meets the weapon smith Ron. Shows him his lightsaber and the two end up going through the working of lightsabers and the drinking of Whyren’s reserve.

Kotan spends time on the Void modifying his lightsaber, intent on waiting this blockade out.

The following day, Kranky in a new custom made armour and Onda severely under the weather from the binge the night before, it becomes apparent that the Empire has sent a resourceful agent and that the nature of the criminals are now discovered. Only described as “religious fanatics” it becomes clear, after a good while, that Onda’s handy work using his lightsaber to cut some security at the museum has been identified as a lightsaber cut.

The ship has been searched once, luckily Kotan was there to use his charms and force talents to convince them that nothing was out of place… but it will only be a matter of time before they return. We know we must leave.

After quite a lot of inventive spaceship mechanics, street side skulduggery and neck breaking piloting we manage to escape from the Imperial blockage of Ordon.

Jumping into hyperspace our next destination is Susevfi, a moon in the Suarbi system.

Episode 14: Resident space

A failed hyperjump leaves us stranded in a nebula with a fried hyperdrive.

In search for our salvation we come across in old Corellian Corvette, the_Last Echo_.
Kotan, Krankawarrok and Onda board the ship looking for survivors and tools to repair their hyperdrive.

The Last Echo is a depressing place, life support at its last leg and signs of battle mar its interior, we come across several corpses: some died from the cold, most died from exsanguination.

Among the corpses is Jedi, whom it seems took his own life, Kotan recovers a code cylinder from him.

Too late we realise Rakghouls are the source of the problems on this ship and on the command floor, through the ship and into the engineering bay we fight them.

In the end we are unexpectedly rescued by a lightsaber wielding and armour clad group led by Nela Kohn.

Also as told by Krank

The Story So Far: Chapter 2
A summary of earlier events

Episode 4: Old sage and a Nemesis part 1

In the pursuit of the Jedi Content Not Found: doab – a Jedi that travelled this area discovered when researching the temple archives – we discover the ruins of Noyama. A large city centred around a ziggurat. This centre of the ruins constitutes a village that is inhabited by native creatures guarding the old ziggurat. They call themselves Veloni.

Kotan manages to communicate with the first Veloni they meet and persuade them that he and his friends are not enemies. By the grace of Pak-Pak the Veloni militia leader and the Veloni elder Miradun, we are given three days to investigate the Ziggurat outside and inside.
Onda investigates a metal pylon-like object set atop the ziggurat. Through the Force he discovers a connection between this and something deep within the ziggurat. Onda moves on to investigate the depths of the ziggurat, where he discovers a large room far underground, seemingly guarded by a group of Veloni. Onda returns to his comrades after this discovery.

As we enter the ziggurat we enter the living area of the Veloni. While there are many rooms and halls, the Veloni seems to all reside in a large central chamber, with ball like nests suspended from the ceiling or placed on the floors. Light emanates from fluorescent ember like lanterns. On one end, there’s a large basin filled with water, running water. It is rejuvenating and prompts a bath, even Kranky gets in.

We have a meeting with Miradun, he makes it clear that he does not want us to destroy his tribe, giving Onda a very meaningful look when informing us that the Veloni dwelling in the depths of the temple are outcasts. This translation seems odd, as there is obviously no enmity or shame expressed about these outcasts. We conclude that it means something different to these sentients.

Episode 5: Old sage and Nemesis part 2

The next morning Miradun comes by and reminds us: two days left.

We make our our way down to face the outcast Veloni (Onda is convinced they’re Darksiders). We discover that they’re chanting in an unknown language. They seem to be protecting a large stone structure, egg-like in appearance. We can feel it is strongly resonating in the Force. As the outcasts chant the droning affects us, we become certain that this chant break lesser minds. We also feel a connection between the chant and the huge “egg”, and in turn this is connected to the Force focused in this area. As we manage to open the path onwards, without coming into conflict with the outcasts – through the ingenious actions of Kotan – we enter a steep stairway going down. In the darkness it seems we all experience intense, personal visions, because no one can remember arriving at the bottom.

Here at the bottom there is darkness and Darkness. The silhouette of a large monstrous statue can be seen in the shadows and a wicked voice challenges our resolve! Still recovering from the intense visions we enter what we discover in the end to be a battle of the mind. Driving the dark presence from the area light returns, both literally and figuratively. We follow the path onwards into a large underground circular hall with arched ceiling and floor. We follow the narrow path around the room and come upon a bridge leading straight into the middle of the room. There we see a large black and silver sarcophagus that Onda saw in a vision the day before. It starts to open the moment we come near it.

From the sarcophagus a being emerges. He is clad in black armour and helmet, all covered in small silver lines forming an ever changing pattern making any observer dizzy. He presents hismelf as Sun’saith. His task: to keep Content Not Found: kiados imprisoned in a cage submerged in a prison of lava. Marking his emergence from the stasis chamber is the inevitable release of Kiados from her prison.

Asking for his friend Crymon, Sun’saith seems surprised to find that four unknown sentients have overcome every challenge. Impressed with their powers and determination, he reveals a small cave of Kyber crystals.

Sun’saith then reveals that his friend Crymon should have been here long since to help him out in his job to guard the evil force sensitive Kiados. Because of her inevitable release, we do as Sun’saith wishes and travel to Mount Oirus and Kiados prison.

Attacked by several beasts tainted by the darkside we are too late to stop Kiados’ breaking free and can only witness her evading our attempts to put her back in her prison and leaving the volcano.

Having returned to Noyama, we consult with Sun’saith about what to do now. He tells us of Kiados’ master, Kath’ritt. Kath’ritt is a powerful dark sider from aeons past and Kiados will most likely seek to find and awake her old master. While Sun’saith is impressed with our abilities, he asks us to find his friend Crymon before joining him in his search for Kiados and eventually Kath’ritt.

Episode 6: Expanding operations (Side quest)

On our way to scout the Lake of Deprivation we find a small cave with a stash of Whyren’s reserve while at the same time getting lost in the jungle. When we come closer to the lake we meet another friend of Hethan Romund named Vex Ruul, living in a small hut not far away from the lake. With his help we explore the shores of the lake, at one point being attacked by a large creature after we disturbed the water. Defeating the creature seems to have an adverse effect on something as after a while thousands of small, vicious and deadly creatures looking like Kohouns appear crawling out of the water. At this time we are already beset upon by vicious canine creatures out for blood of Force-sensitives. Retreating to a more confined battlefield where we can control the battle better. Kranky challenges the pack and runs out going bare fisted against their leader. Just as he wrestles it under control and becoming the alpha, the small worm like Kohouns appear in massive numbers. As we run into the forest to get away from these poisonous critters, we discover in the darkness an old bunker entrance.

With the skills of Vex Ruul and Aahch, we enter the base…

We soon discover it to be on very low power, it was only the ingenious work of Aahch and Vex that powered up some remaining auxiliary battery the let us enter and get on emergency lights.

As we take stock of what we’ve found and explore the base, we realise it’ll take quite a lot of work to turn it into something useful. While the others are discussing how to solve this issue Odan is suddenly incapacitated, giving a short warning before it happens. Rushing to his aid we discover that some old security systems are still active, despite the state of the systems.

Advancing more carefully we split into two groups, one going towards the power generator room, the other towards what proves to be a hangar. As we enter these rooms, we are simultaneously set upon by ancient battle droids. We prevail yet again. In the hangar there’s a ship…

Episode 7: Space travel at last

After having spent some time around the base, we’ve made rudimentary repairs and figured out what we need. Also, the ship seems to be in working condition, at least to get us to Reles. The ship’s name is Irregular Subtlety.

We travel to Reles and meet up with Content Not Found: heavy-gan. After brief negotiations we make a deal. He repairs our ship and we get the parts we need to fix up the base.

After making the ship is fixed and the base set up and secured, leave Spintir. Travelling to Sriluur and the city of Al-Kampur we hope to gather intelligence on the last whereabouts of Crymon.

We get boarded by imperial customs for the first time and the tradition of always having a bottle of Whyran Reserve around for bribes begins.

After talking to some locals, including Singate Lopez – a shop owner that sells us survival gear – we leave for the planet of Kintan where our sources tells us that Crymon has been seen.

After scanning the northern part of the sphere, we are attacked by two scout ships and a nasty dogfight reduces our Irregular Subtlety to a bucket of bolts held together by duct tape and Aahch’s perseverance.

Our search reveals: An abandoned listening post and an old fort.

Extensive searching of the lower levels of the fort leads us into natural caverns. While exploring and defeating vicious beats, a force apparition, supposedly of Crymon, brings us to a backdoor to the compound of the Morgukai Cult, where some hasty decisions (such as an “attack anything that moves” instinct, surprisingly not Kranky’s) leads to an epic duel between Onda and their leader: Nakari Kon.

After honour has been satisfied, we find that the Isini cult abducted Crymon 20 years ago and took him to “the planet of the prodigal sons”

Episode 8: Upgraded spaceship

We travel to Nar Shaddaa for more information on the Isini cult and with intentions of repairing and perhaps modifying the Irregular Subtlety .

While waiting for info from our contacts and repairs and modifications to finish on the Subtlety, we accept a small bounty job. The job results in heavy fighting and a stolen YT-1300 by the name of The Ruby Damnation.

Handing over the quarry to our contact, we learn that “the prodigal sons” is a reference to Talus and Tralus in the Corellian system. We also learn that Nela Kohn has been seen on both Mandalore and Susevfi. Kotan also learns that his rescuer Victarion Kelren may have been headed to Taris.

Returning to see how repairs and modifications are going, the stolen ship is recognised by the mechanic working on our ship, and sensing imminent trouble, we take off with both ships. Leaving Nar Shadda with a new ship and several items that might come in useful. We have learned the following:

  • Vex & Onda will no longer be left alone together and will under no circumstance be in charge of making the plans.
  • We also have some new enemies, and possible bounties on our heads.

Back on Spintir we trade The Ruby Damnation and the still in disrepair Irregular Subtlety for a new ship: the Void of Integrity, much to Aahch’s protests. Yet everybody thinks the name of the new ship is funny, except Kotan – but he grudgingly accepts that it is … fitting.

Episode 9: The bane of Isini

Arriving at the twin planets of Talus and Tralus in our “new” bucket of bolts: Void of Integrity, after some research we manage to locate the base of the Isini cult in an ancient Selonian hive.

After some attacks by cult disciples and aggressive beasts, we capture a cultist and persuade him to lead us to their hideout. Arriving in an old underground village of sorts, the cultist leads us to their hideouts. Kotan manages to convince the Isini Leader: Do Nio, to not kill us and we manage to find out where they are keeping Crymon.

Crymon is old and dying, we also learn that Sun’saith has not been honest with us and might possibly be mad. The old Nikto teaches us new secrets of the force, he also mentions an old Jedi master: Suljo Warde and his legendary power of Foresight, which is needed to locate our quarry.

Do Nio pledges his friendship and help if we ever need it in the future.

Now, how do we beat Sun-Seith?

Returning to Spintir we find that the nearby village and farm has been destroyed, and after a brief encounter with mercenaries in the temple we are approached by an underworld crimelord called Ta’lon, apparently we owe him a favor now …

The Story So Far: Chapter 1
A summary of early events

Episode 0: Learning by Gatekeeper Logic

Most of us meet for the first time courtesy of Hethan Romund, an ally and scholar knowledgeable about Jedi history.

We meet the annoying Gatekeeper of the temple, calling itself the Curator. This intelligence is a harsh and miserable teacher, seemingly useless, but its methods have results as we all learn to use the force in different ways to solve our entrapment. We rescue Hethan from the darkside cultist and his allies that are ravaging the temple library. First knocking him unconscious, Krank decides to solve the situation by putting down the law by shoving his foot through the cultist’s head.

Episode 1: They’ve got a Cave-Warg

Looking for the first of two missing holocrons in order to put the temple back in order, our intrepid heroes visit a small village nearby. Providing aid and resources, the villagers in return direct the companions to some caves further up in the mountains.

Entering this dark cavern, the heroes see and feel visions emanating from the cave and the dark events that transpired there. They find the source of the darkness and fight some dark side possessed beasts and bring peace to the dead spirits in the cave. Kotan uses his extreme paragonness to blast the Darkness out of the tragic revenant of a mother wolf. They find the first missing holocron and its Gatekeeper the Warden, aka Loudmouth.

Episode 2: The private Collector Job

To find the second holocron our insipid heroes need to travel to Reles, the main spaceport and for all intents and purposes the capital city on Spintir. To provide conveyance they go to a nearby farm and meet Bill and Bob, a couple living in these hills farming something unseemly. Bill gives them a lift to Reles.

Courtesy of Heavy Gan we get a job stealing from a private collector: Imperial Governor Haal, but must also provide additional artefacts for Gan, if he is to help us. We promise to do so and we do as we promise. So does Gan.

The job goes fine until our companion Krank finds his true nature; Violence. (Violent precision sports? He did manage to bash the head off a guy and into a vase.) We barely manage to escape with the help from the timely arrival of Gan’s crew just as we knocked the security officer unconscious. (Glorious escape, liberal use of stun-grenades.)

After handing over the promised loot, we walk the streets in search for a way out of the city. We end up in this cantina run by a Rodian named Grelmik. He’s a nice fellow, he lends us his speeder. His taste in music and entertainment leaves a lot to be desired, and therefore deserves some kind of punishment. He will never see his speeder again. Simply because you do not hire The Yodeling Ithorians for entertainment.

Episode 3: The fall of Rav Naraan

As we return with the last holocron and place it in its socket in the holocron chamber, we meet the final Gatekeeper, the Jailor. Another helpful resource providing only frustration and trouble. As some systems break down there’s a mass exodus from the lower levels of crazed convicts escaping into the wilderness. While the Gatekeepers are mostly useless, at least they provide us with the information that the one leading these prisoners is a Jedi from the Clone Wars called Rav Naraan. He’s the key to this crisis.

As the escaped prisoner run into the valley we give chase using the speeder borrowed from Grelmik. We save the local village, with a brilliant ramming manoeuvre, using the aforementioned speeder. It leaves some of us feeling … conflicted. We also hunt down and prevent the rest of the crazed prisoners from reaching civilisation.

Warned by one of the Gatekeepers, we rush back to the temple and outside the holocron chamber we face Rav Naraan, an old Jedi lost to the Dark Side. It is a mighty battle and Rav ends up trying to escape as he cannot face our onslaught. We finish him outside in the courtyard, ending him as he tries to escape in a speeder. Was this murder?

As we investigate the lower levels of the temple we come across the cells. Numerous cells and chambers with stasis fields. All empty now, yet there may still be clues to explain how Rav escaped, how he controlled his fellow prisoners.

A word: Kiados. It is scribbled in many different cells, often in conjunction with words and descriptions of nightmares, darkness and power.

Rav and the other inmates imprisoned under the Dawn Temple have been slowly losing their minds to something or someone they have named Kiados. Further research into the source of this is conducted and with the help of Gatekeepers – now in the process of restoring the systems and databanks – we go through the archives looking for answers to local phenomena that could provide answers. Some names stick out: Noyama, Mount Oirus, Doab and the Lake of Deprivation.

Kotan also discovers that Rav’s old girlfriend Nela Kohn, was an excellent armour smith during the Clone Wars. Possessing Rav’s lightsaber and his armour, Kotan makes it his mission to find Kohn, if she is still alive, to return these items to her and let her know the fate of her lover.


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