Force wielder with dubious motivations


Dressed in black armour with a silver pattern that continuously changes and moves about in a slightly nauseatingly manner, Sun’saith seems otherwise unarmed. His head is completely covered by a matching helmet that is seamlessly attached to the armour.

He exact height varies from about 175 centimetres to about 380 centimetres.

He speaks confidently and inspires faith and trust in whoever listens.


Little is known about Sun’saith’s origin, what is known is what Crymon and our heroes have discovered: Sun’saith is ancient. He’s been referred to as a “force wielder,” supposedly differing from force user.

Speculations include: after spending such a long time in the sarcophagus interrogating Kiados through the Force, our heroes wonder if he’s become tainted by the dark side and Kiados. His use of the Isini cult to kidnap Crymon suggests this, Crymon’s survival on the other could shed some doubt on this however.


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