Nela Kohn

Former Jedi, armourer and co-founder of the Gensu-dai


Dressed in a dark blue armour with features resembling the Narglatch, Nela is an imposing figure when dressed for battle. She wields a similarly blue lightsaber and a carries a heavy blaster pistol on her thigh.

Streaks of grey at either temple can be seen when she removes her helmet, her hair tied back in a small topknot. She carries herself with confidence and her demeanour is serious.

She acts as the de facto leader of the Gensu-dai, all members follow her orders quickly and efficiently, but it is apparent she is open to counsel and often asks for it – if time permits.


Trained as a Jedi from infancy, Nela and a few fellow Jedi broke away from the order, secretly, during the Clone Wars and formed their own order of justice: the Gensu-dai.

Little is known of her training and her life prior to the Clone Wars, but at some point she met and got romantically involved with Rav Naaran. The war separated them, but at some point before she broke away from the order she made Rav a set of armour, he used this until he died.

The break with the order came around the time of Rav’s fall to the dark side. She and a number of Jedi secretly left the order and the war behind, hiding on some unknown world. Years after the formation of the Empire they returned to the galaxy, setting up a base on Susevfi and started to look for and train recruits, both sensitive to the Force and non-sensitives.

Trained Kotan Blen in the art of the Armourer and the Gensu’Dai.

Lost her leg while being rescued from a Inquisitorial compound on Ruusan, where she and the captured Gensu-Dai were being inerrogated.

After recuperating on the Last Echo has gathered the Gensu’Dai to join the crew on the Last Echo.

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Nela Kohn

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