Wookiee of a bad disposition.


Often found with black charred fur. Not tall for his race, but built like an AT-AT. Slabs of muscle evident even covered by fur. The kind of wookiee other wookiees cross to the other side of the tree branch if they see him coming.

Wears high quality light armour. Carries a shield, vibroknife and a yellow lightsaber. Has a bowcaster, rarely used.

Young for a wookiee, he still remembers the fall of the Republic. And would not care were it not for the subsequent rise of the Empire.

Most days he lives up to the nickname of “Cranky”. His rather bad disposition is however matched by an ability to charm that he rarely uses.

Of late, after recent adventures he has mellowed considerably. Appearing to have found some measure of internal peace. The contrasts presented to him by his fellow force-users have showed him examples to both emulate and not emulate. Progressing from being madder than a Rancor with gingivitis, to finding peace in nature.

Has a tendency to absorb large amounts of blasterfire, and after the action is over, whine more about the wounds than other more hurt teammates.

Likes to hit things with his fists. Now he hits them with lightsabers. The results of hitting things with a lightsaber is as satisfying as actually hitting them with anything else.


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