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Short blurb.Example: Average height, short red hair and beard. Slim and wiry. Pale brown eyes.


Slightly above average height, short cut red hair and stubbly beard. Slim and wiry. A stoic, almost cynical expression is constantly showing in his pale brown eyes, any dialogue or messages are delivered in a deadpan manner.

Homeworld: Corulag
Species (sub-species if any): Human
Gender: male
Clothing: Militaristic uniform; trousers, jacket, shirt, tie. Lieutenants bars on shoulders.
Special quirks or key identifying features (fluff): One sleepy eye and circular scarring on left cheek.
Profession (current and/or former): Former intelligence aide for Imperial Intelligence, now unemployed, working as a freelance slicer and accountant.
Career (and specialisation): Colonist (Scholar, Slicer)
Gear/stuff: Modified datapad, shoulder bag (with extra set of clothing, cred chip), holdout blaster pistol.


Biography: first and foremost known – that is shared with group – history and feats. Other information can also be present, but specify if it is secret/unknown to rest of group, and leave for last – GM Player secret section will be enabled in time.

Example: Grew up on Corulag as a only child, both parents working as contractors for the Empire. Joined the Imperial Academy and graduated by the age of 17. Was recruited to the Intelligence corps where he trained for several years. Worked for a while for Imperial Intelligence, but was dishonourably discharged when the ISB discovered that his superior was a traitor. Was not prosecuted due to his short time as an aide. Left for the outer rim after a few months of job hunting with no luck.

//secret/unknown: Is actually a rebel sympathiser and was collaborating with his superior. Is now on the look out for any old contacts that was not taken in by ISB or COMPNOR when his superior was exposed.

Default Example

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