Pale Nikto with time and conscience issues


A pale nikto, Crymon is old, older than he knows. After having spent several decades, perhaps even centuries in a stasis sarcophagus, he is now nearing the end of his life.

Crymon is a powerful force user, but was never trained as a Jedi.

Crymon wore a black and gold armour, similar in make to Sun’saith’s black and silver armour, when travelling the galaxy. His weapon of choice was a pair cortosis infused batons.


Born on Kintan an unknown number of centuries ago, Crymon was approached by Sun’saith in his late twenties.

He then joined Sun’saith in his hunt for Kiados and together they captured and imprisoned her.

After his last period in the stasis sarcophagus he was allowed to go off-planet to update himself on galactic events and also to follow some leads he and Sun’saith had managed to pry from Kiados’ mind.

He was then captured and imprisoned by the Isini cult. Taken to Tralus, his health started to deteriorate, but the cult kept him alive, tending to his needs and keeping him hidden from the galaxy, and most importantly, from Sun’saith.

Crymon is convinced he’s not more than 80 or so years old, being completely unaware of his time jumps due to the power and technology of the sarcophagus.


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