Kraft og skjebne

The treasure chamber

Episode XXXV: A fight to remember

Securing the scrolls in his bags, Onda looked around for more items that spoke to him. Pulling on the force, his attention was drawn to the item in “old man”’s hands. It gave of a resonance. Just about to check it further, Kotan said: “Lets leave this place before more of those troops arrive.”

Leaving the chamber they found two identical looking soldiers baring their path, both wielding lightsabers. Maybe I’ll finally have a decent fight, Onda thought. Kotan did his usual talking, except this time it didn’t work. The soldiers attacked. One quickly squared of with Krank and Kotan tried some new moves on the other one. Failing kinda badly Kotan pulled the soldier a bit to hard towards himself and was rewarded with a flight back into the chamber. Seeing that Krank finally could have his ass kicked, Onda opted for taking out the one Kotan fought.

The fight was beautiful. The Soldier could fight! Finally a challenge Onda thought. Carving up the soldier while sustaining no injuries himself, Onda had one stroke of bad luck: as he finished of the soldier he accidentally triggered the stun effect of his lightsaber and got it full in the face.

A marvelous fight! though Onda, while slipping into darkness…..


GMLovlie vegard_eldoen

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