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The Story So Far: Chapter 3

Episode 10: The gang goes legit

Our next destination is Mandalore, we are looking for clues on Suljo Warde and Nela Kohn. We spend some credits on clothing and such to easier blend in with the populace and not appear as obvious off-worlders and battle hardened criminals.

Krankawarrok commissions some armor from Sela Shodon, an assumed associate of Nela Kohn. Last message from her is a long time ago, sent from near Bothan space: Rishii.

Onda registers our ship as a tramp freighter and charter bus. Our first job is transporting a youngling concert band orchestra. During said process of registration Onda charms a lady working for local authorities.

Episode 11: Concordia

A droid delivers a holomessage from a cloaked figure leading us to Concordia, the moon of Mandalore. Our investigation of the main mining complex has us stumbling across some Deathwatch mandalorians, Kotans way with people and the force convinces them that we’re on their side. Of course it doesn’t last long before they turn on us and a hectic firefight is followed by a chase across Concordia’s surface.

Evading their reinforcements in a cave we return to Mandalore, with a mysterious ancient lockbox in our hold. We need keys. Key cards to be precise.

Episode 12: The museum job

The box needs two keys, which we are told by our mysterious benefactor, Golok, is in Ordo Museum. He also supplies us with schematics for the building.

Their recon reveals little but the location of the key cards they need. Breaking into and stealing them goes very well, with some awesome slicing by Aahch and some fast running and fancy, but ultimately unnecessary, lightsaber work by Onda. Kotan on look-out duty. Krank passes time listening to his guilty pleasure songs in the getaway vehicle. Ordon law enforcement are left stumped.

When we gather around the box to open it, something mysterious and unusual happens. We are by unknown means transported to a labyrinth that we later understand is inside the box. As we appear inside the labyrinth a dark voice welcomes us and thanks us for being his escape… one of us is possessed. With a tinge of paranoia affecting every decision, we try to find our way through the labyrinth. As we come closer to a room where we can see light, the voice becomes happy and enthusiastic, beckoning us to run for the crystal that will let us out. Paranoia prevents us. After many attempts at revealing who’s been possessed, Kotan becomes convinced no one is and holding hands, they run for the crystal as the labyrinth starts to crumble.

Appearing back in the hold of the Void we are not alone. A stranger with a sword and golden cloak stands in our midst. With a sweeping gesture two large groups of beasts are summoned and it’s on. After showing some serious dark side power, the ancient sorcerer is eventually defeated, disappearing as black smoke. Approaching the now open box, its contents revealed. A strange amulet with a Kyber crystal of some kind attached to it, and an old Jedi utility belt.

Our holocron and it’s gatekeeper Tera Sinube reveals to us that this is a rare kind of Kyber crystal that is most likely the key and activator of some other holocron.

Onda has a vision of Stormtroopers in the streets and a Stardestroyer above. We need to leave quickly!

Episode 13: Escape from Ordon

Ready to leave Ordon, Kranky goes off to pay the remaining docking fees. It slowly dawns on him that a lot more time has passed since the heist than he thought. Above, hanging over Ordon he can see a Victory-class Stardestroyer. We’re too late, all of the spaceport is under lock-down.

Also, the heist did not go as well as we thought. The Empire has arrived and has set in effect a blockade until the criminals are caught.

Kranky goes to Shodon to ask for his armour. Onda meets the weapon smith Ron. Shows him his lightsaber and the two end up going through the working of lightsabers and the drinking of Whyren’s reserve.

Kotan spends time on the Void modifying his lightsaber, intent on waiting this blockade out.

The following day, Kranky in a new custom made armour and Onda severely under the weather from the binge the night before, it becomes apparent that the Empire has sent a resourceful agent and that the nature of the criminals are now discovered. Only described as “religious fanatics” it becomes clear, after a good while, that Onda’s handy work using his lightsaber to cut some security at the museum has been identified as a lightsaber cut.

The ship has been searched once, luckily Kotan was there to use his charms and force talents to convince them that nothing was out of place… but it will only be a matter of time before they return. We know we must leave.

After quite a lot of inventive spaceship mechanics, street side skulduggery and neck breaking piloting we manage to escape from the Imperial blockage of Ordon.

Jumping into hyperspace our next destination is Susevfi, a moon in the Suarbi system.

Episode 14: Resident space

A failed hyperjump leaves us stranded in a nebula with a fried hyperdrive.

In search for our salvation we come across in old Corellian Corvette, the_Last Echo_.
Kotan, Krankawarrok and Onda board the ship looking for survivors and tools to repair their hyperdrive.

The Last Echo is a depressing place, life support at its last leg and signs of battle mar its interior, we come across several corpses: some died from the cold, most died from exsanguination.

Among the corpses is Jedi, whom it seems took his own life, Kotan recovers a code cylinder from him.

Too late we realise Rakghouls are the source of the problems on this ship and on the command floor, through the ship and into the engineering bay we fight them.

In the end we are unexpectedly rescued by a lightsaber wielding and armour clad group led by Nela Kohn.

Also as told by Krank


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