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The Story So Far: Chapter 1

A summary of early events

Episode 0: Learning by Gatekeeper Logic

Most of us meet for the first time courtesy of Hethan Romund, an ally and scholar knowledgeable about Jedi history.

We meet the annoying Gatekeeper of the temple, calling itself the Curator. This intelligence is a harsh and miserable teacher, seemingly useless, but its methods have results as we all learn to use the force in different ways to solve our entrapment. We rescue Hethan from the darkside cultist and his allies that are ravaging the temple library. First knocking him unconscious, Krank decides to solve the situation by putting down the law by shoving his foot through the cultist’s head.

Episode 1: They’ve got a Cave-Warg

Looking for the first of two missing holocrons in order to put the temple back in order, our intrepid heroes visit a small village nearby. Providing aid and resources, the villagers in return direct the companions to some caves further up in the mountains.

Entering this dark cavern, the heroes see and feel visions emanating from the cave and the dark events that transpired there. They find the source of the darkness and fight some dark side possessed beasts and bring peace to the dead spirits in the cave. Kotan uses his extreme paragonness to blast the Darkness out of the tragic revenant of a mother wolf. They find the first missing holocron and its Gatekeeper the Warden, aka Loudmouth.

Episode 2: The private Collector Job

To find the second holocron our insipid heroes need to travel to Reles, the main spaceport and for all intents and purposes the capital city on Spintir. To provide conveyance they go to a nearby farm and meet Bill and Bob, a couple living in these hills farming something unseemly. Bill gives them a lift to Reles.

Courtesy of Heavy Gan we get a job stealing from a private collector: Imperial Governor Haal, but must also provide additional artefacts for Gan, if he is to help us. We promise to do so and we do as we promise. So does Gan.

The job goes fine until our companion Krank finds his true nature; Violence. (Violent precision sports? He did manage to bash the head off a guy and into a vase.) We barely manage to escape with the help from the timely arrival of Gan’s crew just as we knocked the security officer unconscious. (Glorious escape, liberal use of stun-grenades.)

After handing over the promised loot, we walk the streets in search for a way out of the city. We end up in this cantina run by a Rodian named Grelmik. He’s a nice fellow, he lends us his speeder. His taste in music and entertainment leaves a lot to be desired, and therefore deserves some kind of punishment. He will never see his speeder again. Simply because you do not hire The Yodeling Ithorians for entertainment.

Episode 3: The fall of Rav Naraan

As we return with the last holocron and place it in its socket in the holocron chamber, we meet the final Gatekeeper, the Jailor. Another helpful resource providing only frustration and trouble. As some systems break down there’s a mass exodus from the lower levels of crazed convicts escaping into the wilderness. While the Gatekeepers are mostly useless, at least they provide us with the information that the one leading these prisoners is a Jedi from the Clone Wars called Rav Naraan. He’s the key to this crisis.

As the escaped prisoner run into the valley we give chase using the speeder borrowed from Grelmik. We save the local village, with a brilliant ramming manoeuvre, using the aforementioned speeder. It leaves some of us feeling … conflicted. We also hunt down and prevent the rest of the crazed prisoners from reaching civilisation.

Warned by one of the Gatekeepers, we rush back to the temple and outside the holocron chamber we face Rav Naraan, an old Jedi lost to the Dark Side. It is a mighty battle and Rav ends up trying to escape as he cannot face our onslaught. We finish him outside in the courtyard, ending him as he tries to escape in a speeder. Was this murder?

As we investigate the lower levels of the temple we come across the cells. Numerous cells and chambers with stasis fields. All empty now, yet there may still be clues to explain how Rav escaped, how he controlled his fellow prisoners.

A word: Kiados. It is scribbled in many different cells, often in conjunction with words and descriptions of nightmares, darkness and power.

Rav and the other inmates imprisoned under the Dawn Temple have been slowly losing their minds to something or someone they have named Kiados. Further research into the source of this is conducted and with the help of Gatekeepers – now in the process of restoring the systems and databanks – we go through the archives looking for answers to local phenomena that could provide answers. Some names stick out: Noyama, Mount Oirus, Doab and the Lake of Deprivation.

Kotan also discovers that Rav’s old girlfriend Nela Kohn, was an excellent armour smith during the Clone Wars. Possessing Rav’s lightsaber and his armour, Kotan makes it his mission to find Kohn, if she is still alive, to return these items to her and let her know the fate of her lover.


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