Kraft og skjebne

The story of how everything went dark.

Episode XL: Betrayed by Kotan

Ondas view:
“It all started with a bad case of not sharing with the group. I should have suspected something when Kranks secretkeeping was so easily forgiven. Somebody was keeping secrets themselves.”

We had just rendezvoused with the Last Echo and were trying to get in touch with Sun’saith, when Krank finally got a vision. He freaked out of course, but the vision was about Sun’saith being captured by Kiados. It seemed they had him ready for slaughter.

We quickly decided to find Sun’saith to save him. I started searching for him with the force but his defences were to strong, I could not get through. I got some glimpses that could have told us Krank’s vision was a bait, but I could not be sure.

Joe could find him however. With Kotans clever plan to use a hyperspace buoy to triangulate Sun’saith’s position, we could find his current location. Sun’saith could, supposedly, travel through hyperspace at will.

After finding the location we flew our flagship to a dying planet. We disembarked and quickly found a tunnel leading deeper into the planet. I could feel the planet dying and the power this gave me.

We found the altar of my and Kranks vision and started searching for clues. During our search we were attacked by several lightsaber wielding foes, lackeys of Kiados it would appear to be. They were no match for us, although Krank went down again. After dispatching the majority of the foes we found that one of them was Kiados, and she wanted to talk.

She told us that she had the same goals as the rest of us: Killing and stopping Kath’ritt. While this kinda tickled my interest, my current thoughts was that the last of her minions had Kranks lightsaber. I told him to give it up, but he refused. I took it by force, killing him in the process. While picking up Kranks lightsaber I felt Kotan drawing his power and turned towards him. He was directing it at me! In a battle of wills I just managed to gain the upper hand, but he used his power of foresight to boost his powers and I flew away into the darkness. My final thought before everything went dark was: “How could Kotan gain the upper hand?”


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