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The Duel

episode XXXV

“Brave men may be forgotten, brave deeds never do”

The hallways of the ruined palace echoed with the warriors boots as he dragged the defeated forms of the wookie and mirialan across the stones towards the exit.
He paused in the large antechambre and dropped the crumpled forms by his feet as he straightened up, the hairs on his neck stood up and he opened himself to the force,
He was dressed in brown and grey cloaks, his face was obscured by a featureless matte grey mask.

“Come and be defeated, like your friends”

From the mezzanine encompassing the room the siluette of a man in torn robes detached from the darkness and answered him, “Is there any way I can convince you to surrender?”

The masked man barely moved his head towards where the voice came from, he unbuckled the small staff from his hip and turned slowly, yellow light from his double bladed weapon lit up the chamber as he arrogantly hissed “my training is superior, you will fall like the others!”
He drew on the force and gestured at the man with the long dark hair and beard above him, who calmly held out his right palm in a warding gesture. The two men faced each other as a green glow lit up from his left.

“Very well then” Kotan leapt towards his opponent.
As he fell he made a grasping gesture with his right hand towards at the masked warrior, who was forcibly pulled from his stance and into the air towards him. His lightsaber broke through his opponents confused guard and scored a cut across the torso and left arm as he flew past him.
Both warriors landed on their feet, the masked man instantly starting to run at Kotan, his lightsaber forming dizzying circles. As he closed in he stabbed out against the sage’s torso, but Kotan moved gently out of his reach and into his blind spot forcing him to waste his energy spinning around to avoid exposing himself.

Kotans left handed Niman style made it hard for his opponent to forsee his attacks and moves, but it was clear to both of them that the masked man had spent more time perfecting his saber techniques, his form was strong and disciplined while Kotans was erratic and unrefined. The double bladed weapon also gave him an advantage both in reach and in intensity of attacks against Kotans shoto. The Scholar offset this as best he could with weaving the force into his moves as a he countered and parried the strong sweeps of the yellow lightsaber.

“I trained with the jedi before everything changed, you are not them, and your style is not superior at all.” Kotan punctuated his sentence by reaching out his right palm at the masked warriors legs, a current of the force made his opponent stumble causing his defense to waver briefly enough for the sage to score another shallow hit against the left leg.

Stumbling back, the man who had claimed to be a jedi made a cupping gesture with his off hand, the air around him became thick with the force before he gripped his double bladed saber and began a series of disciplined strikes. Kotan parried most of the strikes, but the sheer momentum of the kata slowly begun to overwhelm him and the hidden armor plates in his robes cracked under several shallow cuts as he was driven back.

The two men moved across the broken palace floor as staccato dancers, the walls reflecting the yellow and green glow from their weapons.
Kotan was breathing heavily as he struggled to keep up with his more physical opponent, but the masked man made no sounds a he fought, a stoic coldness emenating from his entire form as he continued his attack.
The sounds of their feet and the hum and clash of their lightsabers reverberated throught the hallways of the old hutt palace.

Wait, I see it now Kotan though, These moves are familiar, he is utilising a formal and structured version of Shii-Cho. But it has no improvisation, his training has been too rigid, his style is predictable.

Kotan let his eyes unfocus and recalled his training at youth and the lessons from the holocron of Tera Sinube. Instead of reacting to the masked mans swings he entered the same kata, but reversed it. The two fighters entered a state of synchronization as they stepped and danced around each other, Kotan sidestepped attacks that should have been hits and parried perfectly several blows without looking.
For a moment they were giving a wonderful performance fight to the empty room and the unconcious force sensitives on the floor, then Kotan ended it.

As the masked warrior shifted his weight to advance Kotan stepped into his style.
First he made a wide swipe from collar to ear, ruining the featureless mask and distracting his opponent. Then with a offhand block he locked the opponents saber arm with his right hand. He turned and backed into the body of the off-balanced warrior.
The green shoto turned off and on quickly as he switched it to a reverse grip and plunged it past his own ribs into the heart of his enemy.

The two men stood there, immobile for a second as the golden lightsaber clattered to the floor. The sound echoed in the green lit room.

Kotan turned around to his enemy as he felt him starting to fall over.
A gauntleted hand locked around Kotans throat and the two of them slid towards the floor, Kotans vision was tunneled and narrowing rapidly as the dying man who had claimed the mantle of jedi knigh sought to strangle him.
He has no eyes, was the last thing Kotan though before unconsciousness claimed him.
The green glow disappeared and the room was plunged into darkness .

Earlier that day

The two masked warriors had appeared as the group was leaving the vault and demanded the Sirens Soul.
Kotan and Ondas fight against one of them had spilled into the vault before Onda managed to cut down their opponent, but the explosion from the destroyed lightsaber had knocked him out.
MeanwhileKrankawarroks opponent had managed to evade him, so he and Kotan went searching for the last warrior hoping to stop him before he found Jessek and the artifact.
After they had split up Krankawarrok had gotten defeated, and the warrior had grabbed both the unconcious wookie and mirialan before heading to the exit.
It was here Kotan had intercepted him.

When they all eventually woke up, it was not where they had anticipated

In the custody of the empire Kotan finally made a deal with Sinnius.


Super ninja-shaolin-monk Kotan. :-D
The Duel
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