Kraft og skjebne

Tests and Conquest

Episode XLI - Kotan

Forgive me for my wrongs, I have just begun.

“You survived the second test, in a way.” Kiados stated.
Kotan was tired, bruised and battered from the duel against the morgukai warrior and irritated by his wounds and the pointlessness of the last fight, he retorted sharply: “I deafeated the one that attacked me yes, for whatever point that makes”

“So you fought the nikto? the weakest challenge there – the most powerful was the girl in chains … " she chuckled at the confused expression he displayed. “I guess you still have much to learn. First answer one question though:Why are you here?

Collecting his composure, Kotan took a breath and answered calmly:
“Two reasons.” he raised a finger.
First; I don’t think you are the greatest threat in this conflict – you confirmed that suspicion in the crypt." He lifted a second finger.
“Secondly; I belive I have learned what I can from the other masters, you are the next logical step.”

“Pride, Arrogance.” Kiados stood behind him as she spoke, Kotan could hear movment, and the hiss of seals opening as she took of her helmet. His curiosity grew too strong and he turned around.
She had short cut dark hair and a regal jawline, but her eyes were covered by a tight fitted dark cloth. No eyes, like the one on Pybus, Kotan thought.
“I can tell that you were trained by jedi, it’s in your stance.” She raised an eyebrow at him.
“the first lesson is that there is always more to learn” Kiados drew her lightsabers.

The bridge of the unfamiliar ship was empty except the two of them, beyond the glass the vastness of space was glittering with similar ships; sleek, arrow-shaped, brown and red constructions, their design mean and agressive. They were preparing for the jump, and the invasion.

Kotan finished the adjustments to his armor and turned to see Kiados enter, his master enter, he mentally corrected himself.
Started pacing slowly in front of him her head facing the stars outside the massive windows.
“Imagine if you will, a community of hunters, nomadic and sceptical to new ideas like: settling in one place, growing crops – a primitive people in all ways”
She was thoughtful, Kotan could tell, this story was for her sake as much as for him.

“Then one day there is a light in the sky and these strange beings arrive.”
“And then these beings kill everyone, with ease, except you – you they take, up in the sky, and they hurt you and test you.”
She opened a hand, lightning crackled along her fingers before she closed her fist.
“All so you can learn this, this was what they wanted from us – to fuel their machines.”

“You were a slave to the Eternal Empire, but you found a way to climb the ranks.”Kotan ventured, facinated.
“Only because they chose it for me, I was property, one of Kath’ritt’s Hounds
Her face twisted in a grimace, a combination of self loathing, and hatred for her old master.

“When the empire collapsed, my master took me and entered the Infinity Gates, and when ”/wikis/sunsaith" class=“wiki-page-link”> Sun’saith and his people came for him I escaped … untill they captured me, and Sun’saith began his millenia of torture on me."

“I am so sorr… " Kiados sharply interrupted Kotan, and hissed angrily “If you ever try to pity me again, I will kill you where you stand!”

She turned to the exit and made to leave “today you will prove yourself” she threw over her shoulder as she reached the door.
“one question, master” Kotan rose from his seat, Kiados hesitated at the door. “What will you do when this is over?”

Kiados turned around and looked at her apprentice, after a couple of moments she opened the door and left “You sound just like Sun’saith now …” she grumbled as she left.

Left alone in the control room, Kotan looked out at the stars and the ships jumping to hyperspace one by one.
He started speaking, "May the force … " he interrupted himself with a snarl and stalked out the door.
Time to get this done.

The arrow-shaped boarding ship came in at a neckbreaking velocity, as it threatened to overshoot the landing area of Zone Zerek it made a agressive halt and partly embedded itself in the durasteel.
The sharp front of the ship split in four and opened outwards, a man in black close fitting armor strode down the ramp his black hair hung loose behind him and his lower face was covered by a stylized face mask showing a sneering beast. He lit his saber as he walked, and dark, armored figures stepped up to form a phalanx behind him, the red light making them seem demonic and otherworldy.
He briefly looked over the gathered denizens and their ugly makeshift barricades, some of the braver souls had started to tak aim at him.

With a gesture the closest militia were lifted up in the air, they spun around themselves in confusion as he adressed the crowd.
“Citizens of Zone Zerek, behind me hell and death follows. Anyone still standing here the next couple of minutes will die screaming.-But worry not, we are not here for you, if you let us pass without incident we wil travel on leaving you to your lives.”
Kotan looked at the ragged defenders, making sure to meet the eyes of several of the weakes ones, they all avoided his gaze.
“Is there really any point in dying here?”, he added. Now to see if they can manage to save themselves, if not I will have to live with their deaths on my hands as well.
Through the magnetic field seperating the station from space, the sharp silhuettes of many more ships started to appear, closing in on them fast.

“well … I’m out, not dying here.” someone mumbled, and like wildfire people left, drifting away and disappearing.

The only one that hadn’t moved was the burly armored and scarred wookie holding the yellow lightsaber.
Of course, you stupidly brave fool, now you decide to be the paragon of virtue, not even you can survive this force alone in the open, but now you decide to make a stand. Kotan thought as he almost admired the sheer bullheadedness of his friend.
The two friends stared at each other for a while, then Krankawarrok broke the silence,.
In his tongue he talked; his gutteral growls and snarls punctuated by expressive hand movements, having made his point he added a last bit and pointed at the ground.

After a while Kotan leaned to his second in command Kehn and whispered “Do you understand shyriiwook?” Kehn quckly translated to Kotan.

“mhm, yup, fighting or the wrong side, aha, leading the enemy against my friends, right and wrong, mhm, not going to move an inch, ok got it”
Kotan turned back to Krank and after a brief sigh said “I’m sorry that you feel that way.”
With a gesture he reached out and suddenly the massive wookie was flying at full speed past him and out into space.
If anybody can survive that it will be you, and that will keep you out of my hair untill I need you, old friend. Kotan justified to himself.

The other ships crashed into the station and landed violently, one of them entered wrong or had amalfuction and was engulfed in a wall of flame before entering.
Troops marched out, forming a perimiter as Kiados disembarked and walked up to Kotan “No resistance, like you promised – well done.” The flames framed their dark shapes and the surrounding warriors.

“This way to the vault” Kotan pointed, and together they started walking into the depths of Tarillion.


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