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Soon to be resolved

Episode XLI - Onda: Tension

Onda felt that things were drawing to a close. There was an imminent vertex approaching. Travelling to Tarillion – a rombic-dodacahedron wonder – Onda felt the force telling him these things. Kranky was fidgety and nervous, there was a mood in the ship that you could feel. Everybody was feeling the upcoming storm.

Entering Tarillion they agreed that Onda would go for the portal farther into the space station and Kranky would make fortifications at in docking bay. Leaving Kranky to it, Onda took a small force of Nela Kohn’s forces and ventured into the station. Managing to lose their trail they we’re beset upon by some of them more vigilant defenders of Tarillion. Losing two of the Gensu-dai, they dispatched the attackers and continued on their way.

Getting near the tower that lead to Kath’ritt they saw that the base was preparing its defences. It positively crawled with droids everywhere. The boys with Onda got a bit scared by this, but seeing Onda’s resolve they managed to follow him into the tower. Ordering the boys to barricade the door, Onda went down to the portal. Kayn Nebulous was nowhere to be seen, and searching for him with his power Onda felt him below, on the other side of the closed doorway.

Knowing that time was of the essence Onda started to delve deep into his powers and look for a way into the portal. Drawing deeper and deeper on his power Onda felt something tear, he felt himself entering a new place. Everything started to fade. Fade into white….


GMLovlie GMLovlie

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