Kraft og skjebne

Sensing the way forward.

Episode XXXVII. And So Smote Kranky.

Having agreed to save Kotans mentor, venerable Nela Kohn, Kranky found himself once more on a quest. Maybe even making it out of this one without being grievously wounded. These might yet be a good few days.

Leaving the Velvet Thunder the recently acquired vessel, they went to the Imperial Detention Facility. Having spent a fair amount of time scouting its defenses, they agreed to infiltrate, silently. What could possibly go wrong?

“Plans never survive contact with the enemy, or Kotans ineptitude at hiding.” Or so Kranky thought whilst throwing Kotan between the nearby boulders. Kotan had managed to make enough noise to draw a team from the patrol route. They had to find something. Finding something is better than them finding nothing, or everything. Such went the logic of Kranky as he found himself quickly in restraints and manhandled towards the facility.

The Imperial body search had relieved Kranky of all the weapons they could find. The vibroknife, the shield. Once more the cybernetic cavity implant had concealed his preferred weapon, the lightsaber. Transporting the big wookie downwards into the facility, they chained him to the floor in a damp cell, amongst other cells. The restraints made it impossible to reach for, kneeling, backbound and chained to the floor. Trying to extract it, made things worse. Getting stabbed from the inside, hurts somehow less than from the outside.

Having reached the state of mind necessary to enhance himself. Kranky sought to break the shackles. A heave, and the chains separated from the floor. Another and his hands were free to move. Using the weapon he rendered the chains from his being.
“Always me doing this. Once, just once, I would love to see the others do this bit.”

Breaking through the door, he came upon a small group of troopers. Inelegantly dispatched. One got away. Alarms sounding. “Attichitcuks hairy nostrils, this seems too familiar”

Other cells. Open them.

First cell, Gen’sudai worn, mobile. One of Nelas’. Second cell. Terrified twi’lek, in shock. Need to get them out. Carry twi’lek.

Gen’su dude volunteers to distract. Alright.

Get them to safety. Kotan and Joe, can handle themselves. They should. Cannot watch over them all the time. Others need me now.

Found Gensu’dude. Got them to the Void. Left the dude with instructions to fly if we do not make it back. They should be good. For now. Get back to the others. There is probably a bug in the software, and an idiot on the loose.

There is also a guard, all in red at the front. Pacing back and forth. No blaster. Would have engaged up close anyway, but bad sign.

The crimson guardsman can fight. Blows were exchanged, parried and riposted. Beating down the Guardsman blow by blow, Kranky gained the upper hand. Pressing the attack led nowhere good. Overextending and the parry deflected into Krankys eyes. Blinded. Angry. Still somehow maintaining an advantage. A strike finally taking the guardsman down.

Sounds like Kotan showed up. Cannot see….


GMLovlie hewhodespisestreemen

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