Kraft og skjebne

Sandy Dunes

Episode XXIV

As retold by Vex:

At the Home base, Spintir; the group discussed over a good breakfast how to go from where they stood.

When Ack and Vex suddenly arrived,Ack stormed off to meditate, but Vex got intrigued by visitors/patients, especially Ward whom he had started understanding bits of his “work”

Quickly Onda remembered he booked a meeting with Heavy Gan and the ferocious four went off!
Heavy had work, and credits where low.
Off to Tatooine they should go to intercept a package!
Pays well in credits and favors soo the group agreed!

Informed on the way that an imperial officer was searching for them,vthey went

Scuttles off in haste to space!
But wait! What’s this?
Hailed by the Star destroyer: Galvenizer
To be boarded they said while they towed the ship in!
No contraband to be found in the Void.
But elusive answers and shifty eyes as Vex andKotan lied a way out of the scary ship!

Only to be chased again!
Two tie-fighters got on the tail before hyperspace could be activated!
Kranky refused to shoot! He had a cunning plan!
Oonda made a slingshot manuvre against the planets gravity pull! Lost the Destroyer but alas The Void got a sundering blow, straight in the engine! The ship got filled with smoke…

Times where grim.. But then! Vex smashed the hyperdrive button just as it flipped on! Zwoomsch!

They arrived at Tatooine, space junk flying around them as they landed, hull damage and a slow engine!
But the mission must be done!

The ferocious four split up in two’s. The Dubious Duo(Onda and Vex) and the Double K’s (Kranky and Kotan)
The dubious took a silent approach and Vexnwas nearly spotted, but his blurred field worked wonders for him in the sand.
Kranky was stealthy as ever in his natural guilly suit. Kotan however got spotted just as the dubious got started with the slaughter on their side(they fired first! I promise!)

Kranky came down in his usual manner! Kotan flew the big ass parcell to him! But the nice robed foe, he had a thermal detonator! And blew both Kotan and Kranky half to death and well out of play!
The swirling sands of Onda and Vex whiped out the rest and Onda got the K’s back up…
Just to see the crate contained a Krayt Dragon!
Kotan quick to action quelled the beast with his eyes alone!

The group gathered up and prepared for travel to the drop-off!

As told in the history books:

Returning from Moraband with Suljo Warde and Onrein Hasar, plus two new starships, the heroes head straight to the Dawn Temple on Spintir, Hasar and Warde are both in need of healing, both spiritual and physical.

The morning after over breakfast, our heroes discuss where to go from here, how to get to Kiados and Sun’saith, what to do about Hasar and Warde.

Then Aahch and Vex suddenly arrive from weeks of walking through the forest and over the mountain, Aahch doesn’t join the others, but decides to go meditate, Vex is however intrigued by the visitors (patients.) In particular Ward, as Vex has been working on understanding the power Warde developed.

Onda then informs his comrades about a meeting they are to have with Heavy Gan, and the ferocious four are off!

The meet Heavy Gan in one of his warehouses in Reles. He’s interested in their new ships and … allies? He also reports that Roy’s Fantastical Tasty Jooma Juice Brewery and Distribution Company Inc is starting to turn a profit, and he has some more work for them, if they want to reduce their debt. They accept. Off to Tatooine they go to intercept a package! (Vex assumes it pays well in credits and favours, so the group agrees.)

Leaving Reles they are intercepted by the Galvinizer. Being told to be prepared to be boarded, they are tractor beamed in and put down in its hangar bay. Here they meet a customs officer, some stormtroopers and a scanning crew (no contraband was found on the Void.) He questions them thoroughly, but the combined effect of Vex’s elusive answers, shifty eyes and Kotan’s creativity proves too powerful, as they blatantly lie and fabricate one story after another (one more far fetched than the other,) trying to avoid telling the truth, avoid admitting they are indeed the sentients the mysterious Imperial agent is looking for. So now they know, an imperial officer or agent is looking for them. Also here, near their home base.

Kotan does his thing, being very persuasive, he waves his hand and informs the customs inspector that they do not in fact have to wait for further instructions or inspection, instead they are actually allowed to leave now: “you just told us.” The inspector agrees, The stormtroopers don’t protest..

They hastily scuttle off into space!

They did however not count on the captain of the ship having his own ideas. They are told to power down, or be fired upon. The chase begins! Still within the gravity well of Spintir they can’t enter hyperspace, a Gladiator-class stardestroyer behind them and incoming TIEs. Onda speeds away, but not before the imps fire upon them, the ship shudders, one engine fails and the Void is filled with smoke. Kranky refuses to fire upon the incoming TIEs (cunning plan in the works) and Onda pulls off a daring slingshot manoeuvre that takes them quickly around the planet and away from the imps, as soon as they’re out of the gravity well Vex hits the controls and activates the hyperdrive. Zwoomsch!

They arrive at Tatooine, setting course straight for the coordinates provided by Heavy Gan, as they land pieces of space junk fly around them, the damaged hull groans and the slow engines whine! But the mission must be completed!

Landing in a canyon about a kilometre from the coordinates, the ferocious four split up in teams of two. The Dubious Duo (Onda and Vex) and the Double K’s (Kranky and Kotan). The dubious circle around, taking a silent approach and Vex is almost spotted, but his blurred field worked wonders for him in the sand. Kranky is as stealthy as ever in his natural ghillie suit. Kotan however is spotted just as the dubious duo started the slaughter on their side (self-defence of course! They fired first! I promise!)

Kranky rushes into the situation in his usual manner! Kotan levitates the big ass parcel and moves it away from the miscreants and ne’er-do-wells, however the individual leading the transaction has plans of his own, spelled: thermal detonator! A loud and powerful explosion later and both Kotan and Kranky are half dead and well out of play!

The swirling sand devils that are Onda and Vex wipes out the rest of the scum and ne’er-do-wells, Onda provides medical aid and resuscitates the K-Team.

Kotan wakes up just in time to see the crate contains a Krayt dragon! A Kray dragon now emerging from the damaged cage. Quick to action (as always?) Kotan quells the beast with his eyes alone! (Actually with the power of his mind, but that’s neither here nor there.)

The group return to the Void and prepares for travel to the drop-off!


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