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episode XLII

“You lied to me!”
Dace stormed into his room, pointing a finger at the translucent image of Master Kotan.
The image had been waiting there patiently the last day for him to come back.
Dace had processed his anger and dissappointment by working on the ship, or at leat pretending to be working on the ship while avoiding his own quarters.
Tara had left him alone as soon as she picked up on his dark mood.

“I can understand that you feel that way, but it’s not true, I’ve always been candid with you, Dace.” To Dace the holocrons patient demeanour seemed manipulative and cold.

Dace barreled through the image and begun pacing.
“All this time you were teaching me, all the talking of choosing the higher road, about living with peace, all the god-cragging meditation and training of forms, it was all banthapoop – You’re a sith!” Dace kicked a discarded box of parts into the wall and stood there fuming.
The silence stretched out.

Finally the image of Kotan Blen spoke: “Did I ever say that I made this holocron?”
“Hmm, what? you said your name was Kotan, this is your holocron, who else would make it?” Dace’s brow was furrowed in dark thoughts and confusion. “What do you mean?”

“Yes, and I did clarify quickly that this holcron holds a image of the man know as Kotan Blen, but it is not him. I also never claimed that he was the maker. Because of this I am not him, not really: I look like him and think like him, my core personality is built on his intellect, but I am not, nor have I ever truly been him, I am … this”

The image of the old force user started splitting apart into different images, some of them video, some of them still, all of them showed Kotan in different parts of his life, some of them young, other older and wiser, in them he was fighting, talking, frowning, smiling, he was covered in mud, he was wearing fine robes, he had blood on his face, he looked tired, he was shouting, he was resting his eyes, he was speaking at the camera.

The calediscope of Kotan twisted and flowed over, like a man shaped geisyr of images, files of audio from recorded conversation and copies of radio records created a cacaphony in the small room as the myrid images spread out and covered every surface. Before finally folding back in on itself and slowly melding together all the different parts into the familiar image of Master Kotan as he usually appeared .

“Whomever made this holocron used the crystal from Kotan Blen’s old saber and his many journals and diaries, in addition to extensive archives harvested from countless sources to create a likness of the man, his mannerism, his beliefs, his knowledge and some knowledge he did not have, like the results of his actions, the events he set in motion but did not see finished, the consequenses of his legacy, and that of his friends.”

Dace was still stunned by the display of the swirling images "But what happened to …. " he stopped, a thoughtful look crossed his eyes, gently he continued onto another line of questioning “Wait, ‘whomever’ you said, and ‘they’ – you don’t know who created this holocron do you?”

The holocron showed deeply human emotions of embarresment and annoyance. “I have made some calculations, and while going through these logs with you I can point out at least four sentients that MAY be the creator, although since my information is incomplete there may be more that fit the criteria, and so far none of them seem decidedly more likely than any of the other.” He looked sheepishly at his feet
“It’s quite … vexing, I’ll admit.”

Dace stood there staring at the image for a while before he burst out laughing at the absurdity of it, he leaned back against the wall and composed himself.
After some seconds he chuckled wryly again and said “So it seems not even the master I chose knows everything , not even about themselves!” he ran his hands over his braids and exhaled loudly “I guess it figures … my final lesson from you, Copy-of-Kotan.”
The simulacrum winced at the new monkier and retorted “Or maybe your lesson to me, Dace .” he offered humbly.

“But what happened to them? where does Your archives stop? " Dace asked.
“Well, there is nothing recorded directly from the last day” the image put one hand behind his back and used the other for ephasis as he listed up the facts, he slowly paced the cabin like an orator starting on a lecture. “All information is second- or third hand, a lot of it is missing – there were a lot of dead, unfortunatly.”

He turned to Dace and over his right palm text and images appeared. “We know that Kiados and Kotan arrived at Tarillion station with her forces, their goal: the vault holding Kath’ritt. We also know that Onda and Krankawrrok had gathered defenders to stop them, included in these forces were both rebels, the empire and other fring elements like the Gensu’Dai, the Isini and at least one shadow organization … most of these forces tied each other up in a massive space battle outside the station … So we’ll ignore them and focus on the landing party Kiados brought to Tarillion, and the events as they advanced on the vault”

The hand flickered through a plethora of faces, many of the crossed out With a big red ‘X’.
“Kiados forces were seen fighting against both the defenders and the station itself, one account describes how a combination of guerilla tactics and random attacks by the stations droids almost obliterated the soldiers Kiados had brought to the station”
Several documents and videologs of witnessess appeared to emphasise the facts, before being wiped away as the simulacrum continued.
“After that there is not a lot of information to be found, but the last bits of semi-reliable witness accounts comes from a surviving Gensu’Dai defender that was stationed at the entrance to the tower that led down to the Vault. Before he was knocked unconcious by a thrown droid he swore he saw Kiados and Kotan walking towards the vault while fighting a horde of droids using only the force. He described the vision of them battling these machines as , and I’m quoting him here ’ A vortex of metal and destruction, and in it’s center two silhuettes striding through the carnage like gods ’ end qoute … "
The image apeared to sigh." While one witness with a head injury is not really a strong source of info, we can at least assume that they somehow arrived at the vault."

“Old communications logs show that Onda was stationed at the vault entrance and that Krankawarrok chased after Kotan to it as well. More curiously, there are several sources confirming that Vex Ruul arrived with the Void of Integrity and was last seen flying a speeder towards the same location.” the image of Kotan displayed several blurry pictures over it’s hand with a raised eyebrow. “Most curious that bit.”

The mentor clasped his hands behind his back and faced Dace as the other images desappeared “And that’s where we run out of information: Kotan and Kiados, Onda and possibly Krankawarrok and Vex all entered the vault, at different times most likely. And none of them ever came out. When survivors from the battle investigated they found the vault sealed again.”

Dace stood with his arms crossed looking at the floor, looking lost. “So that’s the end of the story?” He slowly shook his head “But could they have survived? or ended up somwhere else? maybe -” Dace went still and tensed up as a force vision came over him with great intensity.

A massive chamber somewhere else, lit by flashing lightsabers, red and green lightning arcing over the room from the hands of an armored woman and a large reptilian and ancient evil, the light highlighting large colums, friends fighting friends, a wookie screaming out in pain and rage, a green swordswaster with burning eyes and a viscious grin as he cuts him down, a shadow striking at him from the darkness, a mask splintering and cracking, the pillars staring to fall down towards them, Kotan Blen standing with his arms reaching to each side, his armor scorched and disintegrating around him, his hair whipping about him weightlessly, face covered in blood and contorted in a soundless scream as the whole room shakes, the ceiling collapsing over all of them.
Just before he is buried by tons of stones Kotan looks at Dace and smiles sadly, then he closes his eyes and is engulfed by darkness.

" … By the force, they’re still in there."
Dace could feel himself gasping for air, that had felt like being there in the flesh.

The holocron hadn’t sensed his vision and reacted only to the words he spoke. “That is a likely assumption” He looked up for some time as in thought
“I’m afraid we are out of time”
“What?” Dace asked.
“Since the day you activated this holocron I have been accessing the ship’s sensors , and I just picked up a large craft dropping out of hyperspace and speeding towards you – most likely there is a hidden transponder in one of the crates you picked up on Tattoine last cycle.”

The ship made protesting sounds as a tractor beam locked on and started pulling at them.
“That cheating, lying, treacherous, worm, he sold us out! Tara, we need to run, they’ve found us!” Dace was dashing towards the corridor.

DACE WAIT!” the bellow from the image of Kotan, an unusual event at any time, arrested Dace’s momentum and he turned back to the apparition.
Kotan held up a palm showing design plans and diagrams of the holocron, as Dace watched the image of the box was opened. “This is my final gift and lesson, Dace: how to open the core of the holocron and retrive the lightsaber crystal within … you’re going to need it.”

“But what happens to your matrix then? are you deleted or do you go dormant? I still have so much to learn!” The simulacrum of Kotan shook his head as Dace felt the holocron settle in his hand.
“To late for that, and I think I have tought you enough to get you on the right path … May the force be with you Dace, it’s been an honor to know you” The figure bowed and added with a grin “Now go save your girl before it’s to late, the past can wait my friend.” the image flickered and disappeared, plunging the room into darkness.

Something large clamped onto the side of the ship and sparks started coming from the airlock down the corridor.
Dace felt tears trickle down his cheeks as he went through the sequence, fingers deftly clicking in place a set of hidden buttons and catches in sequence, the twelve-sided box slowly slid apart and opened to his hands as he gently retrived the green crystal, he stared at it for a moment before slotting it into the hilt he had finished the other day.

Green light lit up the hallway, Dace stood there staring at the blade as the airlock was being cut open by the boarding crew.
As the door fell over he charged at the incoming troops, one hand reaching out and sending several of them flying back out into the boarding tube, he jumped over them.
Landing between them he sliced through a blaster before it got a proper aim at him and did a spinning kick that knocked out the last man.

Wow, that was a big ship … but it probably had the controls for the tractor beam near the engineering like all others. No time to lose.

Dace ran, his dreadlocks whipping behind him, a green blade in his left hand.


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