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Mostly Armless

Episode XV: CIS and the Imperial bonanza

Exploration of a derelict space station in a decaying orbit over a red sun somewhere in the Quence sector gives us old logs to bring back to the Gensu-dai.

But before we can leave we are ambushed by Imperial Stormtroopers.

A battle ensues, from level to level and room to room.
Vex proves his use as a scout, Kotan embraces his newfound warrior lifestyle, Onda does his thing, Aahch protects everyone-all the time, and Kranky switches between decimating all nearby troopers , and stuffing anything that looks useful in his bag …

Our last opponents are droids or possible cyborgs, regardless: something new and dangerous.
They are led by an imperial operative – he is quickly wounded, but he obliterates Vex’ arm for his trouble and with help of one of these mechanoid Troopers makes his escape.

We follow his lead and run like womprats out of a sarlac pit to the Integrity, we jump to hyperspace before the VT-47 Decimator-class assault ship with the transponder Vulture can bring its cannons to bear.

Back on Suarbi 7/5 we discuss our encounter with Nela Kohn. Trying to make sense of the ambush and presence of imperial troops on the old CIS space station.

Hours of research and Vex’ expert slicing gives us another piece of the puzzle: Suljo Warde was onboard the Last Echo and he was forcibly thrown off ship in an escape pod and we have the coordinates …

There is also some scrambled info about something hidden on the Last Echo; a vault? The code cylinder we recovered from the dead Jedi onboard may be the key.

In the meantime, Aahch searches the ship for bugs or trackers and comes up empty, at least we’ve not led any enemies back to the Gensu-Dai and we now know the ship needs parts, lots of em’!


Krank smash!
Oooh, shiny.

Mostly Armless
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