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Moraband Malice

Episode XXIII

Our heroes, having left behind the submersed Jedi Archive head back to their home base at Spintir, to rest and refit. Being as battered and bruised as this lot, they really should take more time off.

Krankawarrok is reunited with his pet vornskr, Jebediah and heads off immediately into the wilds to attempt to attune with the crystal he picked up at Cato Neimoidia. Doing so successfully he feels a inner peace, a focus of peace with the force. This was what the Force wanted.
Oh, and Jebediah is a good boy! Yes he is.

Onda does some stuff, being spotted skulking about the forest and returning to base with wounds a fair bit above “scratches” on the scale. This bladespinning whirlwind of death is up to something. Probably not a cunning plan. The crew feels rather safe.

Kotan spends most of his time improving the new shield generator on the Void of Integrity and with whatever scrap metal left he throws some spikes together and welds them to his wookiee friends armour. Just what was needed. A massive, excessively scarred wookiee, with spiky death armour. Brilliant plan Kotan. Brilliant.

Bidding their friends Vex and Aahch who has elected to stay on Spintiir, farewell as they head off to do what they feel the Force or wallet, requires. Kranky, Kotan and Onda return to the search for the lost Jedi; Suljo Warde.

Arriving at planet Moraband, a craggy dry planet our band of heroes find themselves taken back by the sheer Force of the place. A nexus of the Dark Side as they have never encountered before or are likely to again. Doing some orbits of the planet they are guided by the visions of Kotan and Onda to a steppe location where the aerial scans also find a half-buried starfighter of unknown make. Of course, they land.

As the ecologically friendly member Kranky, attempts to dig out the ship and preserve the otherwise pristine environment, another freighter flies overhead and lands. Out steps the information broker from Cato Neimoidia, Onrein Hasar. She is not happy that the party chose to withhold the information she sought and so followed them. With her is a band of her minions and an intimidating MagnaGuard droid. So caught up in her need for vengeance is Onrein that she does not follow the heartfelt advice from Kotan that those without the force should turn back.

Our dashing adventurers continue upon the path set ahead. Through wind and weather they are set upon by Force Beasts, striking from the sand, returning to it when struck themselves. Visions of those in their past, those left behind, those who are dead. Onreins band dwindling throughout this until they attempt to fight the wrong people. Kotan sees this coming and raises his sabre to Onreins throat and attempts to make peace out of the madness. Meanwhile, the MagnaGuard fights Onda, whilst Kranky makes short work of the remaining goons.

When the dust has settled, Onrein is the only one left of her party. Her madness taking over, she flees unto the steppes, much to Kotans dismay. Choosing the foolhardy option of continuing this quest, more miles are covered. Then an old man appears on the road.

He refuses any questions as to who he is, but he does mention Warde when asked. How he arrived in a bad way, and that he would lead them to him. Following him to a ruined city, into a pyramid and up to the very top level of this temple he reveals himself to be the missing Jedi.

Seemingly a Jedi no longer, he has foreseen his death. He knows it will happen, now, the day he has waited for for so long has come.
“I have forseen this! you will be the death of me!” he screams and strikes quickly at Kranky, throwing his lightsaber at the furred one and inflicts a lot of damage. The wookiee still stands.
Fighting back they are unable to harm the Master of the Future and he once more attacks the scarred wookiee and is still unable to take him down, though coming close.

Kranky lashes out in desperation and hits, Suljo is oddly enough unprepared for this strike, and is hit. Unprepared for the ferocity of the blows he is staggered for just long enough to be beaten into unconsciousness by Onda.

The decision is made to not kill him. The group tend to his wounds and gently restrain him until he wakes up so they can question him.
As he wakes up Kotan tells him: “You were wrong, Warde: the future CAN be changed.”
Warde knows little but what he thought would be his death. His state of being alive leads him to question all he knows about the future.
The first one to extend a hand in friendship is oddly enough Kranky, whom suggests an offer of sanctuary at the temple at Spintir …
Kotan hands him the crystal from Gel Markolfs lightsaber and tells him to start again, the first step is to build a new lightsaber. Warde recognizes the crystal and is told the dark fate of his apprentice. Warde accepts the offer, his abilities might yet find some use in the fight against the Greater Foe.

Returning to their vessel, a decision is made to find and attempt to heal Onrein. Warde volunteers for this as he is responsible.
Leaving Moraband, they grab Onreins ship and the starfighter.
Onrein and Warde are brought to Spintir and the Dawn Temple, maybe with time they can heal each other.

Kotan once more dreams of an Academy for Force Sensitives amongst the stars, he now has a Jedi Master. A step to the resurgence of Jedi as peacekeepers in the Galaxy once more, or maybe something new?

It is an exciting time to be alive in the galaxy.


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