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(Late) Introduction Chapter 5: The Emporium, Kashyyk, a biological agent, some rebels and a whole lot of trouble...

Episode XXIX

Part 1: Is only the GM taking the opportunity to write a recap

After learning the secrets of Suljo Warde‘s teachings, and putting Warde on the path to redemption and leaving him in the care of the gatekeepers of the Dawn Temple, our heroes did some much needed debt maintenance for Heavy Gan and his benefactor Ta’lon. As our heroes finished the job and upon receiving payment aboard Cartol’s Emporium, an old enemy ambushed them. With ferocious determination our heroes slew the thugs and removed Nebula from the ship and was introduced to a new ally: Yodd Zett Haa (call him Joe), a Verpine slicer.

Joe provides intelligence, both literally and in the form of information. In short Joe has been tracking Nebula after Joe’s team had a run-in with Kiados. Joe had a vision of our heroes tracking and fighting Kiados, he decided to find them and join them in this venture. Kiados’ current location seems to be, or was recently, Kashyyk…

Having crash-landed the Void of Integrity in the tree tops, our heroes have ventured through the jungles of Kashyyk. They have freed slaves, stolen a whole lot of sensitive data on a clandestine bio-weapon project, killed an enemy commander, destroyed an AT-AT and seriously damaged an Imperial base (by inadvertently activating the self-destruct mechanism in the bio-weapon test-facility), our heroes then fled from the subsequent imperial pursuit, some even had a trip through the shadowlands, as a second decoy team… Eventually the heroes arrived exhausted and pretty beat up at an old Republic base from the last weeks of the Clone Wars.

Part 2: Recuperation, reconnaissance and renewed fervor

Having spent a few days setting up the base to take care of the weak and injured, the Force willed it so that the imperial search parties never checked the old Republic base thoroughly when they swept by in their TIEs and on their speederbikes. For now our heroes and their friends are safe.

Our heroes remained on the base, licking their wounds, exploring the base and planning the next move.

Spending several days going over the data Joe downloaded from the imperial base, they discover that the base was one of three central location for what is called the “Kohoun”-project, project number: I89V. Purpose: massive scale crowd/population control. The three locations are Redwing (probably a space station), Vector-3 (in all likelihood the base our heroes escaped) and Sojourn (a base near Vector-3). From the data they managed to glean that Vector-3 was a test-facility for vaccination, but also short-term exposure to different strains of the Kohoun-agent. From Vector-3 subjects are moved either to Sojourn for some unknown purpose, or to Redwing. At Redwing they infer that most subjects are put down as there exists no logs in the data Joe collected of anyone leaving. Redwing is also seemingly the place where the main biological development and research is conducted. Only variant strains are taken planet-side for testing.

Shortly after securing the old Republic base and while the freed slaves started to regain their strength, Sharky and some of his guys went off in search of reinforcements, weapons, vehicles and other roaming wookiees that could perhaps be recruited in an effort to put an end to the Kohoun-project, at least on Kashyyk.

During the exploration of the base, Onda and Kranky find parts that can be used to repair the Void of Integrity. Given time and help from the indigenous tribes and draft animals, it can be done. There is enough material to patch up the Void and make her space-worthy, although an essential part, a de-polarised Mc6-modulator for the sublight engines, must be scavenged from another ship or stolen from a mechanics bay. If they are to take out Redwing they need a ship. If they are to escape the planet, they need a ship.

Talking with the recuperating freed slaves, Vex learns more of recent events. Days before the battle above Kashyyk, that the heroes witnessed upon their arrival, some of the slaves tell of sounds of explosions and a battle in the jungle. One slave insists this was a lonely Jedi returning to avenge his fallen brothers and sisters, another claims the battle was between the imperials and a small team of elite commandos lead by an old Jedi general. The battle raged for a couple of days, mostly during the night. Vector-3 was briefly targeted by a series of attacks, but for some unknown reason the attackers moved on just as the slaves hoped they would be freed and the base personnel was preparing for retreat. A third slave is adamant that he heard the telltale sound of one or more lightsabers. A fourth slave claims that she overheard some scout troopers talking about an attack on one of the neighbouring bases shortly after, she is certain it was the same assailants.

The group attribute these events to Kiados, mainly due to two sightings corresponding with some security footage Joe got in his data library. Vex also learns that the area where the bases are located is ancient holy grounds, dating back to long before the wookiees themselves reached out among the stars, although the stars had already reached down and touched Kashyyk. In that area.

During a meditative healing session our heroes experienced a shared vision instigated by Kotan reaching out in the Force. It was of a veiled figure standing in a large cavern, in front of an obscured stone figure. The veiled figure reached out and as it picked something up the vision turned completely black, although they could then hear the sound of deep, ominous chanting coming from afar.

Sharky returned after a week with more wookiee soldiers and a group of rebel commandos, who crash landed during the space battle. Their mission is to take out these bases, both on ground and in space, to stop the spreading of what they refer to as the Mengalic-virus. While they’re aware that the attack failed, they are still alive and determined to complete their mission. They’ll help the heroes, if the heroes help them…


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