Kraft og skjebne


episode XXXIII

“It takes a wise man to see an obstacle as it truly is, and not as it appears”

As we left hyperspace we entered into what I can only describe as a graveyard of old ships.
Some of them were from the old republic, some even older. If this was the remnants of some old battle or a sign of the planets defences we did not know, but with Jesseks reassurances we set a course for the planet Pybus.

As a side note; I’ve reviewed my holorecords of the last year, and this is the 14th planet I land on while travelling with Onda and Krankawarrok. A remarkable number of these places have been mysterious and dangerous, hidden in remote and obscure parts of the galaxy. While the remainder have been civilized, or close to it in any case.
It seems like for now at least, that my life is one that is in transit.

Maybe this is why I have been feeling out of focus lately.
Our current mission is not one I fully support in my heart, I feel it is more pressing to free my mentor and friend Nela Kohn from the empires clutches than to chase after Kiados for the moment.

I’m also struggling with a vision I had on Kashyyyk, one involving my old mentor Victarion Kelren and my old owner Belor Goss.
I am still uncertain if it was a warning not to let the past cloud my judgment when dealing with Kiados, or a sign that something happened to my old master when he confronted Kiados the day Joe lost his squad. Either way I will be mindful of it and try to keep my thoughts clear and flexible, so I don’t get sidelined by unexpected events again like with Sinnius .
Because of this I have spent more time than usual in meditation, hoping to steel my resolve so that even if my dedication to this quest is not from all of my heart, at least my devotion to my friends and their safety shall be strong enough.

… but I digress.

After getting through the field of debris we entered Pybus atmosphere and set about trying to discern our destination. Matching the old charts to what our scanners were showing, we found a promising area. Unfortunately, because of the thick vegatation we had to set down a fair distance from our target.

Once again I found myself in an enviroment that I had no experience with.
So while Krankawarrok raced ahead as our scout and jumped from tree to tree, I mainly focused on not falling over too many times and to manage to keep up with my more martial comrades. Wherever the Force takes me and all that … I guess.

I’m not going to bore you with the details of our trek through the jungle, nor our uncomfortable night camping near a hive of Kouhun, or at least some similiar species of carnivorous insectoids.
If I was a biologist I would perhaps make some more detailed notes on these critters, but since I am not, I only find them disgusting and annoying, as I felt their bites and their poisons more than I would have liked that night.

In the end it was a challenge we overcame, but in the process we revealed our hidden talents to our guide. He became fearful and paranoid of our motives.
This led to a rather strained negotiation where I fear my tiredness might have gotten the best of me, as I quelled the old mans apprehension of us with some brusqueness I’ll admit.

It is fair to say that we were all a bit tired when we finally came upon the ruins and the mercenaries that were guarding the entrance.



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