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Introducing The Crashed Rebel Commandos

Episode XXIX

Sharky Introduced us to the Rebel Commandos:

  • The human gunslinger, Maxon Anjek seemed to be in charge,.
  • His second in command was Oberon Sunrider, a falleen sniper with a substance abuse problem.
  • Shadowed by Phoenix Lester the grim bothan infiltrator.
  • Baljos, the nervous ithorian medic brings up their rear.

Sitting down with the Rebel Commandos and their holomap we formed a plan:

  • Joe and Onda would infiltrate the V-3 base where we caused so much havoc some days ago and get their hands on a de-polarized Mc6-modulator, they would then deliver it to waiting wookies in the jungle who would bring it to …
  • Vex and a group of wookies would travel to The Void of Integrity to repair the ship, we would need it operational to infiltrate Redwing Starbase, they would recive the missing component from the wookies that Joe and Onda met.
  • Meanwhile the Commandos would scout out Dalek base to the east of V-3, while Kotan and Krankawarrok scout the west. Both groups would meet up at rendezvous point Aurek, from there they would scout out the remaining two bases to find out which is Sojourn.

That of course, was just the plan …

When Joe and Onda didn’t meet up at Aurek, the commandos, Kotan and Krank decided to scout out the small temporary base to the southeast of of Dalek.
They swiftly ascertained that what was supposed to look like a temporary base was hiding something else under, Kotan felt a deeper darkness hidden underground that, he was sure it was the place they saw in their visions, maybe a temple of some sort.
After almost a day of observing the Imperials rutines they returned to Aurek.
Where were the others?


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