Kraft og skjebne

Episode XVII: Introduction

After a lucky coincidence our heroes managed to escape Imperial captivity and their deadly and mysterious captor, Sinnius. Fleeing during the midst of an attack by unknown forces, our heroes managed to pick up the transponder of the consular-class light cruiser attacking the Scourge of Elmar. It was the Owl Power

Having witnessed the execution of several of their questioners as a consequence of their inability to get the truth from the heroes and being seconds away from witnessing (and arguably causing) the planetary bombardment of Susevfi averted by the aggressive actions of the Owl Power, our heroes are now enroute to Nedij. There the heroes intend to distribute some of Roy‘s liquor Booma Juice. Before moving on to the coordinates where Suljo Warde was ejected from the Last Echo, in search of this elusive individual’s powers.

Our heroes will soon exit hyperspace, still dealing with the following questions:

  • Who is Sinnius and is he in pursuit?
  • Who and where is Nebula?
  • Who was the attackers that saved them?
  • What will happen to Nela Kohn and the Gensu-dai?
  • What will they find at the coordinates where Warde was ejected from the Last Echo?
  • Should they set up this distribution deal with Roy to get funds in preparations for the coming storm?


And where can Kranky get himself some of those sweet looking armor spikes?

Episode XVII: Introduction

From the cooling corpse of the guy currently wearing them?

Episode XVII: Introduction
GMLovlie GMLovlie

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