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Episode XVI: Capitalism, here we come

We finally meet our match

After having discovered a clue as to where Suljo Warde may be located, the Crew of the Void of Integrity decide to seek him out.

The ship is in need of supplies and the crew want to gather some more gear. With this in mind, they travel to Sura, largest settlement on Susevfi, to try their luck. Upon arriving in Sura they discover the Imperial presence has increased dramatically. They come in contact with a prospering bartender who is also a Booma Juice brewer. His name is Roy. Kotan manages to establish a partnership with him as a Booma Juice distributor. We agree to distribute two pallets of the Juice.

While waiting for the delivery of said goods, an Imperial broadcast is shown on the screens of Sura. This broadcast shows several clips of insurgents against the empire, one of them shows the party on the derelict station. Upon seeing this the crew decides to take shelter in the Integrity till it is time to leave. Checking for signs of future turmoil, Onda has a vision of a fight between spaceships and a dark, commanding, armoured figure. Onda, believing this will happen sometime during the next day, argues that we should use this space combat as a distraction to get away from the planet. Onda does not manage to convince the rest of the crew.

Leaving Susevfi the Integrity is hailed by an Imperial customs ship. The customs inspection goes well and the ship is given a space lane to use for the departure of the system. Upon passing the 6th moon of the planet they find a large ship hiding behind the moon. Getting closer to the ship they are hailed again and told to dock. The ship is a black Nebulon-B frigate called The Scourge of Elmar.

Docking with the Scourge of Elmar the crew is taken into custody as Gensu-Dai collaborators . Some parlaying commences and suddenly Crank gets righteously mad at our captors and is taken away. Seeing this, Onda tries following to check on him. Our interrogator tries to have Onda seized, but Onda manages to slip past them trying to get to Crank. Finding the guards outside Crank’s cell he is summarily stunshot unconscious. While this happens, Kotan takes the altruistic path and tells our captors that he himself is the Gensu-Dai. He is not believed. This results in both Kotan and Aahch getting put in separate cells. The crew is separated, here is what happens next.

Crank: While getting angry and getting separated from the rest of the crew was a clever ploy to get us out of this pickle, none of the rest of the crew understood this. Crank manages to communicate to our captors that he wants to talk. Talking with the Imperial questioner he lays out a story of us being the victims of Gensu-Dai: “We are not the Gensu-Dai, they captured us and forced us to work with them.” That Kotan had told them that he himself was Gensu-Dai did not help Crank’s argument the least. Having gotten nowhere, Crank is confined to his cell once again.

Aahch: Aahchs plans are to support Kotan with his scheme as far as possible. While being interrogated the Imperial questioner is forced to take extreme means to get to the truth; a truth serum. Not wanting this to happen Aahch deftly uses his power to make the questioner inject himself with the serum. Getting mad he also injects Aahch. What then commences i a hilarious truth or dare game without the dare, and nobody can lie. Aahch gets little of importance out of the questioner, but manages to get Aahch to admit Nelacon is a leader. The questioner is removed and Aahch is moved back to his cell.

Kotan: While being interrogated Kotan fervently maintains that he himself is Gensu-Dai. Giving allusions that he and his crew are the only ones using the name. Having no way of getting Kotan to budge from this obvious lie, the questioners give up and take him back to his cell.

Onda: Onda is questioned last. (Not to his knowledge). He knows this is dangerous for him. He might blurt out something important, without knowing it. After finding out his friends are still alive he plays the silent game. The questioner promises he will be killed if Onda does not cooperate, and Onda likes this promise. Staying silent, the interview is soon over.

After all this has transpired the entire crew is taken to the bridge. Here they meet the dark armored figure Sinious and are given a proposition. Sinious kills the two questioners failing most in their jobs, while telling the crew they can stop this. They only have to tell the location of the real Gensu-Dai. The crew reacts differently: Onda likes what he sees, Kotan tries to negotiate him to stop, Crank is kinda hoping to work from them and Aahch tries to steal his blaster with his powers.

After killing the 3rd questioner the Scource of Elmar is bombarded. Seizing the opportunity Kotan attacks Sinious with his powers and makes him real scared. The guards are told to take the crew back to their cells. Given this opportune chance, the crew manages to kill their guards while been escorted back to their cells. They manage run for their ship and leaves as soon as they are able. Finding the attackers not hostile towards the Integrity, they manage to enter hyperspace….


Should have had Vex near, at a arms reach sort of..

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