Kraft og skjebne

Episode XVI: Introduction

What about the 'croon?

After Vex’ skilled decryption of the data from the CIS space station, coupled with the information on the code cylinder Kotan found on the body of a dead Jedi on the Last Echo, our heroes have managed to approximate the coordinates where Suljo Warde was jettisoned in an escape pod.

Because of their encounter with an imperial agent so close to the Suarbi system, Nela Kohn has decreased Gensu-dai activity somewhat and kindly asked the crew of the Void of Integrity to refrain from going into the field with her operatives or on their own. In search for a replacement arm for Vex and tending their own wounds, the crew has been preparing for the next step of their quest. Travelling to major settlements and towns, our heroes are in need of equipment, gear and money.

Kohn is willing to provide some help in their mission in the form of contacts and her limited resources, but she has her own worries as reports tell of increased Imperial activity in the major settlements and on the borders of the Quence sector.

Our heroes must now choose their path wisely …


GMLovlie GMLovlie

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