Kraft og skjebne

A new king

Episode XIX: Ninja galore

Talking to the holocron of Suljo Warde the party learns many things. They can now start out training the new art developed by Suljo and further learn that they only have a part of the holocron. The next crystal may be found on the planet of Arbooine in the Arbo system.

Traveling to Arbooine the party find a forresty planet and seek out the city of Quolas. They are however unable to find the city at the coordinates given by the holocron. Landing in a likely spot the set out into the jungle to find the city. By Kranks good tracking skills they find a path leading to the city.

Upon entering the city they feel the power of the dark side emanating strongly throughout the city. When they ask for Suljo Warde they are given a name: The Reeve. Onda then has a vision showing that the Reeve is Suljos apprentice; Gel Marcolf, and that he is indeed taken by the dark side.

Kotan proposes a stealth mission to talk to Gel and the party agrees (Krank reluctantly). Sneaking up to the main mansion the party manages to get into Gels sleeping quarters without raising to many alarms.

Kranks ninja skills getting in through the sky view wakes Gel and negotiations start. Gel wants Suljos powers for himself and a fight commences. Krank heroically keeps the guards at bay while Onda and Kotan fight Gel. A while into the fight Kotan has had enough and takes Gel down drawing heavily on the dark side and falling unconscious himself. Onda sees his opportunity to stop the fighting and severs Gels head from his body and proclaims himself “The new King”. The locals stop fighting and bow down to the new king.

Taking what they came for the party leaves the city and just as they leave the gates they see a civil war break out. Kotan wants to stop this, but Onda believes the greater threat is dealt with.

The party gets back to the ship to lick their wounds and see what they have recovered from Gel Marcolf. And the story ends.

(Onda went dark side and Kotan does not know what he thinks of this)


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