Kraft og skjebne

2 steps forward, 2 steps back ...

Episode XVII

Random notes from Kotans audiolog:
Nadij, a Mountain Planet, a quick stop before the search for Warde continues.
EDIT: famous lasts words it seemed …

(sounds of industrial work being done in the vicinity, somebody drops a spacewrench)
We have a new shield generator upgrade, compliments of Dursa, the owner of the shipyard

(whispers) – why are alle the mechanics I meet small and furry …?

(wookie sounds in the background)
Krankawarrok has been selling Roy’s Booma Juice like it’s water on tatooine apparently,
notable customers include:
* A Wookie bar owner , didn’t catch his name, sounds ok – son is a brewer apparently.

EDIT: (loud club music and a sounds of drunk Onda declaring his love) He also deals with every illegal high you can chase under this sun, and any other sun you can think of as well.

I’m starting to think the drink needs a better name …
Irris Tunjon, a representativ of Heavy Gan came and delivered an offer we can’t refuse, and by “offer” , I mean “tried to strongarm us into a dodgy deal”
… the worst part is that we’re going to have to take it,
Onda isn’t going to be happy – he cares way too much about credits for his own good,
it distracts him …

(overhead sounds of a starport)
We are back at Sura, to pick up a shipment for Cadacious, Roy seems happy with the development.
Me? I just want to get moving, time is of the essence, and our enemies seem to grow in numbers by the day.

I’ve taken the time to upgrade the …project while visiting my … friends.

(during takeoff)
Everything is taken care of on Nadij, now we can get back to our task.

(sounds of turbulence and debris hitting the ship)
An Astroid Field … For Fucks Sake!

(sounds of cycling airlocks)
We have arrive to Point Nadir, a shadowport hidden inside a traveling comet
… yeah, my mind is also reeling from that.
We will get coordinates and info and leave before we attract any attention, I’m guessing there are many unsavory types in such a place.

(lots of interference and sounds of running, the recorder gets left on by mistake after being used)
I don’t know what these two have done in the few hours we’ve been here, but we’re leaving now.
It’s ok, I have the info we need.
( sounds of the ship powering up and moving, many muffled voices talking, sounds of walking, doors opening and closing. Kotans voice cuts through slightly higher than usual:)
- Who’s arm is that!?
-And what happened to Krank?!
-Why do these things happen whenever I let you out of my sight, Greenballs?!
-OK, new bloody rule:
Onda stays with me everytime we dock somwhere from now on!
-This shit is no longer funny, guys!


How can it be senseless if it is for violence?

2 steps forward, 2 steps back ...
GMLovlie jonasfalsen

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