A Current in the Force

This is the story of a group of talented sentients that travelled together and opposed a great evil that was returning to the galaxy.

In the end they led a small fleet of ships manned by an amalgam of force sensitives, reformed cultists and old jedi masters returned from exile, even receiving help from a small fleet of rebels. They confronted their enemy at Tarillion. The heroes of the Gensu-dai never returned from Tarillion, but it is believed they stopped the danger that the conflict between Kiados and Kath’ritt represented. Now there is just the Empire…

Our Heroes, the crew of the Velvet Thunder:

Krankawarrok (Kranky)
A large scarred wookie with cybernetic eyes and a topknot.
Former slave that barely escaped with his life. Now an often misunderstood crew member, his smiles and charms are often (and easily) misunderstood.
His battle prowess and physicality are formidable, his determination unflinching in the face of any danger.

Former resistance fighter, but had to flee his home world when his talents started to show. Seeking enlightenment and knowledge through a physical and spiritual focus unlike any of his comrades. While formidable in battle, it is his abilities to look deeply into the mysteries of the force that carries most potential.
Currently walks a dark path …

The unofficial leader of the group, a former Jedi youngling and slave. He is strong in the Force, and his powers are still growing. Seeks to maintain peace above all and always advocates the nonviolent way. After training with several old masters has become adept at weaving the force into both his swordplay and his words.
When he unleashes his full potential he is the storm.

Vex Ruul
Another former Jedi youngling, Vex does his best to stay true to his former master’s teachings. Staying hidden and seeking knowledge, he also wants to root out evil wherever it festers. His abilities to go unnoticed in plain view and his knack for rooting out information and hives of scum and villainy gives Vex a familiarity with the seedier and darker strata of the galactic society. He disappeared aboard the Void of Integrity for many weeks, but returned just as he was needed the most, to help in the fight against Kath’ritt and Kiados.

Yodd Zett Haa (call me Joe)
A skilled slicer and recent addition to the group. “Joe” is a Verpine that tracked down the group in hopes to provide and receive help in defeating a powerful enemy that wiped out his team. Guided by visions he tracked down the other heroes by following an imperial agent as she tracked them down for him. Joe knows his way around computer systems, military complexes and how to navigate the modern, “civilised” world. One of the two surviving heroes.

A former security employee, Aahch had to flee after the family business was (supposedly) eliminated by a competitor. Aahch has a strong sense of duty to guard and protect. Brave and determined in battle, Aahch prefers to protect his comrades and support where he’s needed, but strikes accurately and without hesitation. Is currently the mechanic and sole reason the Last Echo is still flying. He continued to live aboard the Last Echo, building, modifying, becoming something of a hermit…